Scarves and Cowls

Hello, welcome to my page with free scarf patterns. Please click on the name (so not on the photo) of the scarf to get to the entry with written pattern or pdf file.

Miss Jenni Shawl


Double Dayflower scarf


Seed Stitch Cowl with Colinette Point 5


Simply Garter


Feather and Fan Scarf


10 Responses to Scarves and Cowls

  1. Chayo says:

    oh these are beautiful!!!!

  2. Gail says:

    Its so encouraging to hear about the project left in frustration,”its not worth it” rediscovered later when worth has redefined itself through experience. I’ve reached an age now that once seemed pathetically old and washed up. Imagine my surprise at how thoroughly I enjoy my discoveries and rediscoveries when they are stacked upon many layers of newbie experiences. Past experiences form the foundation of a more seasoned perspective, a new vantage point for my explorations. Sometimes I’m just flabbergasted that I’m not rebellious and young anymore (well too tired to be hugely rebellious anyway). “Not worth it” is relative over time.

  3. Tina says:

    Thanks so much for these beautiful patterns. It has started to rian here in the Northwest and that means it is time to pick up the knitting needles. This is just the inspiration I needed.

  4. Janet Lawler says:

    I have just discovered your blog and patterns. I love the Cowl and will beheading out to get some yarn for it. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. Michelle says:

    I made the Cowl for my sister and it turned out wonderful; thanks for the pattern! You mentioned that you were going to put out a pattern for a children’s Cowl, do you still plan to do that? Thanks!

  6. Donna Lea says:

    Hi, Nancy,

    I accidentally found your tutorial on your fingerless scalloped gloves (Adrienne) and fell in love with the pattern. I then backtracked, found, and downloaded your pattern for your Seattle fingerless gloves. Since I am a relatively new knitter I figured I could more easily accomplish these.

    I backtracked again to your blog to find out more about you and to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your work. I am delighted to find that you have found a retail outlet for you efforts. I have been searching the knititng site, Ravelry, for ideas and have not found any I have enjoyed more than yours. (I have trouble believing I have not found you there to date.) Your tutorials are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise.

    I recently began my first feather and fan blanket and was delighted to find your scarf using this basic pattern. I just downloaded your Double Dayflower for future use. It is lovely!

    May this coming year bring you physical and spiritual prosperity,

    Donna Lea

  7. gettingpurlywithit says:


    Thanks so much for leaving me a comment, I am happy your cowl for your sister turned out well!

    As for the kids cowl, yes, I was going to put out one… Here goes:

    Seed stitch Rowan Biggy Print Cowl for kids/teens (also good for adults!)

    Material: Rowan Biggy Print 1 ball

    Needles: US 17 when you are a loose knitter // US19 when you are a tight knitter

    Cast on 9 sitches

    Row 1) K1 and then (P1, K1) till end of row
    Repeat row 1 every row untill you run out of yarn. Bind off.

    Attach 3 or 4 buttons.

    Not necessary to make button holes, choose buttons you can push through the stitches.
    This pattern is basically exactly the same as the seed stitch colinette point 5 cowl. The only difference is that you cast on less stitches.

    This knits up so quickly, Michelle! You are done in less than an hour!

    Happy knitting and keep warm…

  8. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Donna Lea:

    I cannot thank you enough for leaving me such a heartwarming message…

    Thank YOU so much for taking the time to write and reach out to me!

    I am so pleased that my tutorials and patterns inspire you to take knitting to the next level. All it takes is a simple explanation…

    I am also so thankful that you not only came to my blog just for the patterns, but that you also showed intrest in little old me!

    Much much blessings to you too, dear Donna Lea…

  9. gettingpurlywithit says:

    PS: My ravelry ID is “GettingPurly”..!

  10. Nancy says:

    Do you have the Lady Eleanor pattern available?

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