Denaedin Glove

Do you want to see a step by step picture tutorial? Please click here.




YAY completely done! brightblue DenaedinSC

5 Responses to Denaedin

  1. Denise says:

    I Just made some fingerless glovs for my Dad and I keep.. er.. test driving them.. I think it’s finally time to make a pair for myself! I remembered your loverly designs and I think they will be perfect!! Now… to find the time between my other projects to make them..
    Thanks for having them here!

  2. KT Simonds says:

    my sister SWEARS this the best (and surprisingly easy) pattern with a cable she has knit…i’m going to give it a try. thank you for sharing your patterns for free…seems like that’s the way knitting patterns should be!! much appreciated!

  3. Mainstay says:

    Thank you for this great pattern – better than any I found on Ravelry!!

  4. disneypal says:

    I feel in love with these the very first time I saw them. I was nervous about making them because (a) it was my first garmet (I’d only made scarves and dishclothes before) and (b) I had never made cables before.

    This pattern is SO well written. It works up fast and is so fun to do. I made these for a gift but now I want to make a pair for myself !

    Thanks Nancy for the wonderful gloves – I actually feel like a “real” knitter now.

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