Reminiscing my Favorite Yarn Shop


My husband’s job allowed us to travel all over the USA, and oh lucky lucky me, I therefore visited many different yarn shops.

I have visited  yarn shops in Philly, Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, Orange County, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and many more places I have long forgotten.

Of all the yarn shops I have visited, my absolute one and only  favorite one is Closeknit on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon.

Closeknit’s charisma and friendliness


I still remember how I was warmly welcomed when I first set foot in Closeknit back in November 2006. Sally, the owner, was so incredibly friendly and I felt at home immediately.

Sally’s entire staff embraced me with friendliness, always asking with genuine interest what I was working on, and always quick to help when I would run into a problem with my knitting.


Closeknit soon became my favorite place to hangout, to find inspiration and to connect with other knitters. Within Closeknit, I found and built my community and made many friends.

And the yarn selection…OH MY GOD…it simply swept me off of my feet!

leftover yarn In a Frenzy9 LH Grace-Silk and Wool

Literally all of my designs have been inspired by Closeknit’s incredible yarn selection.

I started as a customer at Closeknit’s and soon came to be an employee.

Needless to say that I miss Closeknit terribly.

What makes you frequent a yarn shop?


Closeknit is all I desire in a yarnshop. In that cute little shop I have found:

  • Friendliness and warm welcome
  • Charismatic, helpful and very knowledgeable staff
  • Community
  • A cozy place to sit and knit comfortably
  • Killer selection of yarn, notions, books and patterns

I am so curious to hear what you look for in a yarnshop.

This morning, I asked this very same question on Twitter, and several knitters responded. But I want to hear more stories…

Make me happy and make me smile… tell me, dear knitter, what is your favorite yarn shop and why?

I would LOVE to hear your stories…

As for knitting: progress on the Nettie Hat

Photo 60

Today I have been working on a third prototype of the upcoming Nettie hat.

I have decided that I want to publish two versions.

The first version will be in the round and is pretty straight forward.


The second version, however, will have an interesting twist to it.

It will be knitted flat:


Then seamed up the side with the mattress stitch technique:


Finally,  I will have you bunch up the lower part of the hat:


I like how it comes out:

NettieHat NettieHat2

If this is too much fuzz for you, no worries.

Nettie Hat Version 1 will be knitted in the round, but will not have those gathers in the back.

Patience, my pretties! Nettie will soon be ready for publication!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

7 Responses to Reminiscing my Favorite Yarn Shop

  1. Dazzler says:

    I normally pick my yarn shops based on what my wife likes. Then I buy a gift certificate for her and she smiles and makes me feel good

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    I love the picture of that shop. How could you not love a LYS like that!? Your hat looks great too. I shall look out for the pattern.

    I recently did a post on the dream LYS. I share it with you here

    It’s interesting that I said almost the same things as you in my post… except that I still have to find that dream LYS!

  3. JelliDonut says:

    PLEASE tell me more about that scarf, the one tied into a bow. I LOVE it! Your hat is so cute on you, btw. Love that too!

  4. alice says:

    being a bike/train commuter I usually pick whatever is closest to my home or work 🙂 but I am definitely going to check out Close Knit asap, its fairly close to my house. a perfect weekend afternoon adventure. love the hat! look forward to trying it out.

  5. Vanessa says:

    what a great post! i love the hat with the ruching. i bet it would look really cute worn with it in the front, like a flapper girl cloche!

    also, i am curious about the scarf tied in a bow! did you make that too? so pretty!

  6. Sarah says:

    I couldn’t agree more….one of my favorites before CloseKnit was PurlSoho…b/c of the friendliness, encouragement, and genuine interest of the gals at that shop…Fran was the best! CloseKnit is quite special, though I miss Nancy! I can’t believe you sold me some yarn out of your stash, because you saw how enamored I was with the color!!!! Close Knit has my favorite vintage fabric chair, great tea shop near by, amazing colors and delicious yarns, and amazing people working for the love of all knitters!!!

  7. edith says: weer.wat een leuk idee.een leuke draai aan die patroon gegeven hoor. en the flower basket geweldig. ik heb voor mijn moeder ook zo een driehoek sjaal gebreid, maar wel een ander patroon. ik weet hoe ik de patroon moet lezen. best wel makkelijk. groetjes

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