Chasing away the Gray

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It is a gray and dreary Sunday here in downtown San Francisco…

The sun is nowhere to be found, dark clouds are hanging gloomy over the city and raindrops are telling me to stay put in our little apartment studio on the 28th floor.

For just a split second, my spirits are leaning over to the gray side, but quickly lift when I look at all of my beautiful and colorful yarn.


All the vibrant colors make me smile! But wait, it even gets better when I touch and feel my soft balls of yarn… it takes me to that happy place where I drift away in delight and everything is all right.

Coloring my world


Color plays an important role in my creative process.

It is often times that I am completely taken by a color and I just have to work with it because it simply soothes my soul.

Choosing a color for a particular project is therefore an important and dare I say delicate part of my knitting process!

The more I love the color, the more excited I will be to touch and work with it.


Surround yourself with gorgeous colors that speak to your soul, and I guarantee you, it will make you smile!

As for knitting

I finished my Hilde Hat designed by Kristin Alexandra from the blog Voolenvineknits and I simply love it!


I used a silk/bamboo blend by Ella Rae in a deep Fuchsia color and am happy with the result!

In this hat pattern, twisted knit stitches create defined lines and end up in cute willow buds. I was entranced by the symmetry of these lines and willow buds and had a hard time putting my knitting down.

Chasing away the gray7

Only in the last part of the hat did I make a slight adjustments. Right at the decrease rows, Kristin will have you make about 9 willow buds that gracefully come together at the very top.

Instead of 9 willow buds touching each other at the very top, I knitted only 5:

Chasing away the gray6

Also, to get gauge, I used needle size US 7 instead of US 5.

I am happy with the outcome…

Chasing away the gray4 Chasing away the gray3 Chasing away the gray5

I wore my Hilde Hat all day today.

It chased away the gray..!

Chasing away the gray2

Thank you for reading and until the next entry.


6 Responses to Chasing away the Gray

  1. Joanne says:

    You did a beautiful job of Hilde. I totally agree with you about the power of color.

  2. JelliDonut says:

    You look great in hats, especially this one.

  3. alice says:

    lovely! knitting has definitely changed the way I look at rainy days. I cherish them now!

  4. Telma says:

    eeeek! your hilde is GORGEOUS!!! i can’t wait to make another. i’m contemplating making it in several colors. i love it so much!

  5. jenni says:

    I love this! cant believe you hadn’t done it sooner it is so art deco! so you!!!! missing you!! and your sweet inspiration and love!! keep knitting ol rocket fingers!

  6. Kayla says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful!! Love the color!

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