Solidifying Dreams

November 23, 2009

Red Poppy

Last May I wrote a blogpost called “Powerful Creative Energy”. In that blogpost I write:

Over the past few weeks, I have only been knitting poppies. Little did I know that knitting these sweet and delicate flowers, would invoke an energy so powerful and so creative, that it almost seems unreal to me.

I then proceed to write about meetings I had with a Webdeveloper and Webdesigner from the company Bottman Brothers based in Portland, Oregon,  to discuss possibly going with “Getting Purly With It”.

Ever since then, I have worked hard to conceive a vision of how I want my website to be.

Let me tell you, that was not easy.

But with the help of dear friends I was able to formulate and to envision what I want to convey with my website and what sensibility I am after. And once I was able to actually articulate my wishes and dreams, I put it down in writing and visuals. And this my dear reader, resulted in a presentation I held before webdeveloper Andy Bottman and webdesigner Didi Davidovich.

We have had several meetings over the past months and tomorrow I will meet them again to discuss details.

Needless to say, that I AM SO TERRIBLY EXCITED!!!

Boy… I can hardly contain myself…

Dreaming away… and putting it into action


Daydreaming is one of my favoritestest things to do. When in the right environment, I sit still for hours and just dream away.

And by the grace of I don’t know what, I get jolted and am able to solidify some of my dreams. What has sprouted in my imagination becomes alive and tangible. I can see it grow and develop and it is a process that simply takes my breath away and often times I am just in tears because of it.

This thing called imagination, inspiration, dreaming, creation…where does it come from?

Anyways… to see a splash page of things to come, please visit my soon to be launched website:


As for knitting


All I am doing is production knitting at the moment. Glove after glove, cowl after cowl, scarf after scarf…

What can I say? When you pursue a dream, one has to work hard at it. And sometimes this hard work is monotonous.

It is a good thing I am working with the most luscious and gorgeous materials: silk, merino, cashmere, alpaca and suri. Oh lucky, lucky me.

the beauty of monotony

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have lots and lots to knit so my next post will probably be a week from now.

I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I for one, feel truly blessed an have so much to give thanks for. I count my blessings every day.


Thank you for reading and until the next entry. Oh yeah, one more thing… become your dream…


Gateway to Inspiration

November 16, 2009

Open the gates

I am under high pressure at the moment… The Getting Purly With It party is behind me and next up is an indie designer Holiday party at my friend’s place the Ginger Suite Salon December 5th where my work is going to be displayed… And I have still so much to knit!

This morning, while I was chowing down my chanterelle omelette, I almost choked by the thought of how much work lies in front of me. Suddenly panic creeped up on me and  I allowed the gates of doom to open; thoughts of insecurity, feelings of not being able to live up to certain expectations and fear of my work being judged and frowned upon caused an unpleasant storm in my head.

I stuck my fork into my omelette and hung my head low. Then, suddenly, in the eye of my irrational storm, I noticed my gateway to inspiration. And at the same time I recall a knitter asking me a question about inspiration.

Nancy, where do you get your inspiration from?

During the party, a knitter asked me where I get my inspiration from. It struck me how long I paused to finally articulate an answer.

See, it is from everywhere. It is from great artists, books, paintings, nature, people, fashion, photography. Let’s open the gates to where I draw my inspiration from.  I am going to show you in this post, what images whirl in my head.

Most of the images you will see in this post are from certain books. If you click on the image, it will lead you to my flickr account in which I mention the source of these images.

The visuals of this entrance at hotel Tassel in Brussels are so pleasing to me. It takes my breath away. Victor Horta (1861-1947), a belgian architect and designer, inspires me beyond belief:

Gateway to Inspiration5

Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), Ballo in cita (particolare), 1883. The Impressionist Style has a profound impact on me.

Gateway to Inspiration9

Here you see a close up of a card I purchased at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. It depicts a geisha standing against a tree in the snow and she is wearing a beautiful blue kimono. It is the bottom of her kimono, and her footwear that draw my attention:

Gateway to Inspiration13

Another geisha…her gorgeous kimono mesmerizes me:

Gateway to Inspiration12

Images of fabric and wallpaper inspire me too:

Gateway to Inspiration8

fabric by the brand Liberty of London

Gateway to Inspiration4

Wallpaper design by Henry van de Velde, Brussles, 1895

And flowers… they inspire this knitter!

Gateway to Inspiration21

Gateway to Inspiration19

Fine lines of feathers. I love to follow the lines. So fine and elegant:

Gateway to Inspiration14

Gateway to Inspiration15

What gives me great inspiration are grids from traditional tibethan thangka paintings. I did a workshop in Amsterdam right before I left for the United States of America in 2005. I loved to do it so much. It still inspires me:

Gateway to Inspiration11

Gateway to Inspiration10

Most happy in the realm of inspiration

Dear reader, it is in this realm where I am most happy and where I can float and play. Where I can dream about future designs without fear and insecurity.

In this realm, there is so much beauty! And I want to share this beauty in the hope it will inspire others. Because this is what it is all about for me: bring forth beauty and inspiration. It is not for me alone. It is for everybody. The source of this is immense and accessible to all.

Now back to production work!

Gateway to Inspiration1

I wish I could blog some more about my beautiful realm… but i really have to go back to production knitting. My next event is December 5th, so that is my deadline.

I despise deadlines. What a dreadful word too DEADlines. Sigh…

So back to knitting, blocking and sewing pieces together! Wish me luck!

Gateway to Inspiration2

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

Exhausted…but so content!

November 8, 2009

The very first Getting Purly With It party was a succes! Wheeeeee!

Beautiful display, styled by Jenni, my dear friend:


Samples everywhere!

GettingPurlyWithItParty3 GettingPurlyWithItParty2 GettingPurlyWithItParty4 GettingPurlyWithItParty5 GettingPurlyWithItParty7

Yummy treats all over the place!

GettingPurlyWithItParty10 GettingPurlyWithItParty9 GettingPurlyWithItParty8 GettingPurlyWithItParty1 GettingPurlyWithItParty12

And of course… the guests!

GettingPurlyWithItParty23 GettingPurlyWithItParty15 GettingPurlyWithItParty11

Whoa, you guys, how happy I am with the huge turnout… I am just speechless. You all are so kind!

It was so nice to see how you reacted to all the knitted samples, and I am so thankful that so many of you took my patterns home. I sure do appreciate that…

GettingPurlyWithItParty22 GettingPurlyWithItParty17 GettingPurlyWithItParty19 GettingPurlyWithItParty16

GettingPurlyWithItParty21 GettingPurlyWithItParty26 GettingPurlyWithItParty27

At the end of the night, when I finally was able to sit down and have a delicious cupcake, Jenni grabbed my camera and captured me. You can see how exhausted but oh so content I am.


Thank you all for coming out. I heart you all!

I am so excited!

November 6, 2009

So excited!1

I am so excited for the party!

Me and my friend Jenni have been busy preparing for the party tonight. Jenni is an excellent stylist and she made a beautiful beautiful display of my patterns and knitted items.

So excited!2

I am so happy she helped me out…

So excited!3

She did such an excellent job and seeing all my knitted items and patterns in one place made my heart skip a beat.

So excited!4

I cannot wait until the party starts!

So excited!5

Two free fingerless gloves patterns for you!

Those who will attend the party today, will receive two free fingerless glove patterns.

Those are the Simple Fingerless Glove Pattern and the Striped Long Fingerless Glove Pattern:

Simple Long Fingerless Gloves Simple Long Fingerless Gloves

Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

Those who are not able to attend the party tonight need not to worry; leave me a comment and I will send you these two fingerless gloves patterns via e-mail on Saturday! Yay!

Interviewed by Peggy McMullen from The Oregonian

One last thing you guys! I have been interviewed by Peggy McMullen from the Oregonian.

Click here to read the article…

Thanks, Peggy, for interviewing me! That was fun!

Hope to see you tonight…

I really do hope you will come on by tonight (6pm-8pm) and sip some wine with me. We will have fun talking about yarn, knitting and patterns. Yay!

Thanks  for reading and see you tonight at Closeknit’s!

So excited!6

You are invited to a little party!

November 1, 2009

Dear reader,

You are invited to a little:



6 PM- 8PM


Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

Many happy reasons to throw a little party

It has been exactly one year since I decided to go ahead and publish some of my patterns. Remember how I had my fears about doing that? Remember how insecure I was about doing that?

Today I am so very happy that I took the jump and contacted graphic designers to work with me.

JK3 This is it5

I also jumped into photography with models and I have to say, it has been a wonderful journey.

And even readers of this blog helped me with picking a photo for a pattern!

Sally Hat2 This is it2

I had a lot of fun putting my patterns together and I am even happier that you all came to the yarnshop Closeknit to purchase my patterns. I cannot tell you how amazed and grateful I am every time a pattern of mine is sold. I can just hug and kiss you for it!

I would love to meet you…

Every time I make a blogpost, I sit by myself behind my computer, hoping that somebody out there will read my blog. Some of you leave me nice comments and it makes me so happy every time!

However, I cannot see my readers from behind my computer… And I so would love to meet you. For reals.

So if you have the time this coming Friday, come on by. I would love to shake your hand and thank you for reading this little blog of mine.

Some gifts for those who attend the party!

On Friday November 6th during the party, I will give out two free fingerless glove patterns.

Striped Long Fingerless Gloves:

Striped Long Fingerless Gloves

And Simple Long Fingerless Gloves:

Simple Long Fingerless Gloves

I have knitted these fingerless gloves in many different yarns and they will be showcased during the party! So come on by and receive these free patterns, I so want you to have them!


I also will have a trunkshow of all my patterns that I have put out so far. You can touch, feel, and see how the knitted patterns look like in person. I am so excited!!!

DSC_1575 Evaluating GPWI51 Sally Hat2JK16 This is it5 JK5 JK2 PapaJonCowl

For those who don’t live in Portland, Oregon…

Those who follow this blog and cannot attend the party because you all live elsewhere, don’t worry. I got your back…

On the day of the party, Friday November 6th I will post a blogpost. If you come on by that day, and leave me a comment, I will reply to you and send you those two free fingerless gloves patterns. Promise.

I so hope to see some of you coming Friday at the yarnshop. Don’t forget! It starts at 6pm! Wheeeee!

Thank you for reading!