Defying Alpaca’s Character


Alpaca is one of my favorite fibers to work with. It’s soft long fibers mesmerize me to no end and I have made many a project with Alpaca.

From the very first moment I started experimenting with Alpaca, I noticed how it slouches so beautifully and how it has some good weight to it.

And its softness, oh my!

It was in October 2008 when I decided to knit a cowl made out 100% Alpaca. I wanted to feel its softness close to my neck while biking during a crisp not yet too cold Fall day and feel all warm and cozy and happy.

So… I casted on with some 100% Misti Alpaca, knitted it up in 2 nights and was so excited to wrap it around my neck.

I was unpleasantly surprised when my much anticipated warm and cozy 100% Alpaca cowl just slouched down my neck and did not stand upright!

I slapped myself on the forehead; of course it won’t stand up! It is Alpaca Fiber! It slouches down!


Settling for an Alpaca/Merino Blend

In the end I did make a cowl with Alpaca, however, I settled for an Alpaca/Merino Blend by Misti Alpaca. The design that came out of this was my design called “Kassandra’s Cowl”:


Still, I wanted my 100% Alpaca Cowl!

Dear reader, I cannot tell you how I cracked my brains to figure out how to defy Alpaca’s slouchy character. It kept me up several nights in a row!

And then, suddenly, when knitting with some variegated 100% Alpaca, I figured it out…


Look! I found a way to make it stand up!


I was so happy about it that I decided that this pattern was going to be a pattern I would be putting out in the Fall of 2009!

Me and my graphic designers have been putting together a nice pattern and I also have had a photo shoot with a handsome male model. I am so very excited to introduce this pattern to you very shortly!

In a couple of days, you will see how it came out. So come on back here, okay?

See you then!


2 Responses to Defying Alpaca’s Character

  1. kate w. says:

    It’s so good to see you knitting again!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Where can you get the pattern for Kassandra’s Cowl?

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