A Journey into the Past

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Today I am traveling to Edmonds, Washington to visit a woman from Dutch-Indonesian descent. We were both linked together by that tall man who stepped into the yarnshop and held  in front of me the mirror of my Javanese heritage.

I have no idea where this visit will lead to in the end. All I know is that I am going to make a journey into the past of Indonesia involving Portugese, English and Dutch colonialism.

Against this backdrop, I will try to place my family’s history…

First draft of my knitting patterns

Portland based Graphic Designers Patrick and Holly have been helping me with several of my knitting patterns. Last week I have received their first draft to be screened by me.

I will travel to Edmonds by train so I will have 4 hours to screen the first drafts thoroughly. Hopefully, I will be done in just a couple of hours and then I can knit for a little bit.

Thinking about starting a new blog

I am thinking about starting a new blog… A blog in which I will write about my Javanese-Surinamese heritage. A blog in which I will write about my family’s history.

And who knows… making the journey into the past will influence my knitting patterns…

A big thank you to all of you for listening to this knitter’s family history and cultural identity struggle. I have received several comments on my previous post which helped me tremendously.

Thank you so much for extending your Sisterly Love…

Thanks for reading and until the next entry.


3 Responses to A Journey into the Past

  1. I’ll be thinking of you on your journey. My family’s past is just…a past. We’re several generations here in the US now, so we’re pretty assimilated. I wonder if my grandparents agonized over what they were doing here, or how they ended up here? I didn’t know them well. It would have been an interesting conversation!

  2. Sondra says:

    Safe Journey.

  3. Rebecca Z. says:

    Perhaps a book?

    I would be interested in your family’s story, set in a larger context. And the trials, tribulations, and travels of Indonesian Americans is not yet part of our national identity; yet that identity is comprised of all its citizens’ histories.

    Happy pattern proofing.

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