Exploring My Layers

Exploring My Layers1

Lately, I have been exploring multiple layers in my existence…

Most of the times, I have a lot of fun doing this exploration. I dive into an adventure without hesitation and totally submerge into it.

A good example for that is my knitting.

Let’s say my knitting is a layer in which I feel comfortable, and in which I have achieved a lot in only three years. One can conclude that I have been very passionate about my knitting.

At some point, one can even say I have been obsessed by knitting. This obsession, however, has been slowly but surely wearing off over the past 2 months. And because of this, room for other “layers” in my life have been presenting themselves to me.

The layers in my life in which I find infinite joy

Exploring My Layers4

One of my passions which give me infinite joy is dancing! I am particularly drawn towards a music genre called “deep house”.

Whenever I hear this deep house genre music, I feel free and dance. How I love being in this layer!

And oh, how lucky am I that my husband is a passionate deep house DJ. When he drops the deep house beats, dear reader, I just cannot sit still and dance to the break of dawn. No kidding.

And guess what… lately, my husband has been dropping the beats big time in a nightclub in downtown Portland. So I have been occupied with a lot of dancing over the past months or so. Sweeeeeet!

On the dancefloor, this knitter feels so incredibly free. I can absorb the music freely, and let go of stuff that is bothering me. I dance, feel free and am oh so happy.

The layers in my life in which I find difficulties

Exploring My Layers2

There are areas in my being I don’t like to touch. I keep the doors to these areas closed and do not give it much thought.

Giving these areas thought, means I have to plough through certain layers in my existence that may cause sadness and hurt. And who wants to plough through that? Not this knitter.

However, when one least expect it, a long lost key to a door that has been locked firmly, might be presented to you.

Or, to make it even more mysterious, when one least expect it, a mirror in which you haven’t looked in for a long time, might be presented to you.

I never would have thought, that this long lost key, and this mysterious mirror would present themselves in the very yarnshop that I work at…

This key and mirror, have kept me from writing for so long on this blog. It is until today, that I have struggled to get behind my laptop and write a blogpost already!

Have I tickled your curiosity? Good. Come back in a couple of days. There will be an interesting blogpost. I promise.

Thank you for reading and see you back here in a couple of days…


2 Responses to Exploring My Layers

  1. Vanessa! says:

    I’m totally curious. Let us know more!!! Sounds like you are having a great summer, dancing it away in Portland. Can’t wait to read the next post.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am intrigued! I hope to read more (and see you) soon!

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