Powerful Creative Energy


Those of you who have been following me on Twitter know that over the past few weeks I have been riding a high and mighty wave of Powerful Creative Energy.

It was so forceful and fierce, so magnificent and grand, and I seized the opportunity and jumped on it! Boy did I ride that wave.  

Looking back, I realize, that this wave announced its presence when I started to knit my poppies…

The Power of the Poppy

Red Poppy

Over the past few weeks, I have only been knitting poppies. Little did I know that knitting these sweet and delicate flowers, would invoke an energy so powerful and so creative that it almost seems unreal to me.

Ah, let me tell you what I have been up to lately…

Meeting with Webdeveloper and Webdesigner

I have dropped the message here  that I am ready to bring this blog to the next level. Regular readers of Getting Purly With It know by now that when I start a new project, I go in full force and with no hesitation nor fear.

Several weeks ago, I contacted a Webdeveloper Company called Bottman Brothers based in Portland, Oregon to have a first meeting to see if we could possibly work together. 

Webdeveloper Andy Bottman listened to what I had to say and asked me the right questions. When I left the meeting, I had a good feeling about it and we made a second appointment.

Soft Pink Poppies

During this second appointment, I held a presentation about what I am about, my image, and my vision for my website. Ah, dear reader… you should have seen me walking in the rain on my way to the meeting: vintage inspired dress, fishnet stockings and black high heels while dragging my wheeled Tumi bag, filled with my designs, patterns and presentation.

The meeting went well and I truly believe that I was able to convey clearly to Webdeveloper Andy and Webdesigner Didi how I want my website to be.

They are working on it as we speak!

Meeting with Professional Photographer

My photography ain’t bad… ain’t bad at all… But I have to be honest to myself, at some point I am going to need a Professional Photographer. 

Californian poppies

Through my co-worker Jenni, I hooked up with Photographer Joelle from FS Photographers last week.

Again, I had to prepare for our meeting and convey as best and as clearly as possible what my ideas are and what I want in photography that is put up on my website.

This meeting went fantastic, I was really vibing well with Joelle! 

Meeting with Graphic Designers

Finally, last week, I had a meeting with my graphic designers Patrick and Holly from McGuire Barber Design to tell them about my future plans.

Evaluating GPWI6

Thanks to them, I have been able to put out my Sally Hat Pattern and the  Kassandra Cowl. I have enjoyed working with them immensely and look forward to future collaboration.

Every time I have a meeting with Patrick and Holly, their little baby daughter Anastasia is present too. I SO ENJOY THAT LITTLE BABY GIRL AT OUR MEETINGS!


Oh man… what can I say. I am all pumped up and I just cannot wait to show you the results of my collaboration with these skilled and talented people. 

Guess what?

Webdesigner Didi is a knitter. Graphic designers Patrick and Holly are knitters. Joelle is a knitter… whaaaaat????

Inspiration, passion, creativity and synergy have been swirling around me big time and I am telling you…I owe it to the poppies!!!

During “Last Thursday” on Alberta Street, I stumbled upon this image of a techno poppy fairy. I immediately liked her and squeezed out my last bit of money to make her mine.

See, she’s so me!

Techno Poppy Fairy

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!

4 Responses to Powerful Creative Energy

  1. That’s a lot of knit synergy, but you already knew that knitters are great people!

  2. Susan says:

    Really happy and excited for you. Enjoy the ride and good luck.

  3. idomdesigns says:

    it was so lovely seeing you and jenni today. thank you so very much for your support. i love your blog and your inspiring perspective on life. enjoy your new silk jersey kimono tunic. thank you again!

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