Evaluating Getting Purly With It

Evaluating GPWI1

Over the past few weeks, while I was without knitting project, I have had a plenty of time to think about this blog I started in April 2007.

I embarked on this blogging adventure because I just could not stop thinking about knitting and needed an outlet. Inspired by bloggers such as Eunny Jang, I decided to to give it a try to. See how I would like it…

And here I am, 2 years later, completely baffled that you all have visited my little blog over 68,000 times.

Ever since I started, I never did anything to spruce up the look of this blog. I figured content would be much more important than anything else, and paid no attention to “looks”.

Methinks it is time for some sprucing up around here. Let me ponder about this one a bit more and I will get back to you!

As for knitting: Army of Poppies

army of poppies

After a couple of weeks of being without project, I finally picked up my own Poppy pattern and just started to knit. What joy they give me…

Although simply and small, this little poppy gives me so much joy knitting them. I just feel good making them and I have to refrain myself from screaming everytime I finish yet another one.

Many a times, somebody would walk up to me and ask me: “What are those? Why are you knitting those? What will you use them for?”

If people see me knit a scarf, sweater or hat, all is fine. When they see me knit a poppy, eyebrows are raised and questions are asked.

I am make my poppies for no particular reason. I make them because they make me happy. And I am going to knit a whole army of them and set them free in the world around me. My brave little poppy soldiers will be spreading their cuteness and love all over the place!

What will you use the poppies for?

How about using the poppies for embellishment on a gift basket? Cute or what???

Evaluating GPWI6

A close up you want? Sure:

Evaluating GPWI51

Sigh…so precious they are to me!

Thank you so much for purchasing the Sally Hat Pattern!!!

Evaluating GPWI7

You guys, I just want to give you a shout out for purchasing my Sally Hat Pattern at CloseKnit’s… So many of our costumers purchased it and I am so thankful for that. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

One more thing…

Just one more thing before I sign off… I guestblogged over at Rythm of the Needles! Was so much fun… Thanks so much for letting me be your guest, Joanne! Same here, glad to have met you on Twitter!

Click below to read that guestblogpost:

Nancy Ricci for Rythm of the Neeldles

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

3 Responses to Evaluating Getting Purly With It

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, I enjoyed your guest post over at Rhythm of the Needles. It was fun to learn of your evolution as a knitter. I also loved the photo of your gauge swatches. You raise an important knitting issue when you mention the poppies. What is the purpose of knitting? Is it the process that’s important…or the finished product? Sometimes one and sometimes the other? I believe knitting serves different functions. We should do what interests us and brings us satisfaction.

    Interesting stuff! Thanks, Nancy.

  2. Trish says:

    Very fun knitting – you are so creative & inventive! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Anne says:

    Paper Poppies are often passed out by Vets around Memorial Day. Maybe that is an idea….

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