This is it…

This is it3

This is it, my knitting friends… this is it… what can I say? I am happy. More than happy with the result of the production of the Sally Hat Pattern. 

One skein of Suri Merino by Blue Sky Alpacas is used. It’s textured. Slightly  slouched. Just a tiny bit. Nice…

Then, also, a pattern I think I have not blogged about? I can’t remember… anyways… check it out:

This is it5

One skein of Misti Alpaca Super chunky is used…big needles… some buttons…nice and quick. 

I could go on and on about it. But I won’t. 

All I am saying is: I am happy. Satisfied. I love the way it looks.

Shout out to Patrick and Holly from McGuire Barber Design.

Shout out to my girl Kassandra Sommerville, from the Ginger Suite Salon, for hair and make up and for being my gorgeous model.

Thank you Jenni, Adrienne, Leah and SALLY! 

And last but not least, thank you, dear reader, for being my audience. Ever since I started this blog back in April 2007, you all together have visited over 67,000 times… 

This is it6

The Sally Hat pattern and the Kassandra Cowl are currently  for sale at Closeknit in Portland, Oregon and The Yarngarden in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Do you want your lys to carry my patterns? Spread the word, spread the word… and have them contact me at

Yay yay!

And thank you, sweet MTD… you rock my world…keep on throwing down those beats and I keep on shakin’ mah boottay..!




11 Responses to This is it…

  1. Sarah Hughes says:

    The patterns look beautiful, and I love the design, so professional! I can’t wait to be a permanent part of Close Knit’s community, and buy more inspiring patterns!

  2. Susan says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful job. I hope you sell many, many patterns and have many more visits to your blog.

  3. Chris T. says:

    It looks wonderful. Congrats!

  4. Chris T. says:

    It looks wonderful. Congrats!

  5. Kimberly says:

    Hey Nancy,
    the production quality is fantastic. Way to go and good luck. Have you put them on Ravelry yet? You know people search patterns like crazy there.

    See you at the shop soon,

  6. Mighty T-Dazzler says:

    The way the patterns are presented looks great!…I’m so proud of you….xo

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! Now, I must make the Sally hat!

  8. Joanne says:

    Beautiful patterns, and a quality, professional presentation. You have every right to be proud and excited. Congratulations!


    Twitter: JConklin5280

  9. Mighty T-Dazzler says:

    You are where my home is….I love you so much

  10. amber says:

    This pattern is so lovely. I made a lunchtime trip to the shop to pick up this pattern and the Sally Gloves as I am looking forward to a matching set! Well done.

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