Being without Project…


I am without project…who would’ve thought, me without project!

I searched and searched for the perfect yarn to make my Springtime Bandit, but to no avail…

I went through my stash searching for inspiration, browsed the net to find some hidden knitting pattern treasures, went through the yarnshop over and over again only to hang down my shoulders and roll my eyes: GEEZ, what is going on with me???

Spark of inspiration and excitement

You know that feeling of falling in love with a yarn, or that feeling of falling in love with a pattern and you just have to make it? I want it. I want that feeling. That spark of inspiration and excitement..!

I am still searching for it and am annoyed I haven’t found it yet. Bah…

Okay, enough of this. Let’s look at what brought a smile to my face over the past week!

What made me smile

Giving up my ball of Karabella Breeze for this cute cute lady called Sarah. She’s from Brooklyn, New York, wandered into CloseKnit and loved my Felicity Hat #1 so much that I gave in and sold her a ball of Karabella Breeze from my personal stash. 


How could I refuse? Look at her so sweet and she also is working on my Adrienne glove pattern. She finished one glove this afternoon:


Yay! Well done Sarah! Now don’t forget to send me a pic when you finish your Felicity Hat with that ball of Karabella Breeze!

Ah, this really made me smile…look at the little sheep and the little bees on this fabric I purchased at Bolt, the fabric store right next to the yarnshop. So cute…:


And what about this fabric? I see some knitting project bags in my near future. Beautiful. Just beautiful…



Ah… as for the inspiration… it will hit me. Soon I hope. I feel so weird being without project!

I guess I just have to wait it out. Just let it pass. Oi. I think I got knittersblock.

Enjoy your weekend!


Thanks for reading and until the next entry…



4 Responses to Being without Project…

  1. Joanne says:

    I would suggest the Lizard Ridge afghan (from Knitty) for satisfaction. It’s addictive. I decided to teach a class on how to do the short rows to make the wavy/bumpy sections. So many signed up that one class became eight! How rewarding is that?

    By the way, I got my Catherine Alexander journals today and looking forward to reading them.

    I hope you find a project that “speaks to you”.

    Back to Twitter…


  2. Joanne says:

    Correction: I meant Catherine “Lowe” journals.

  3. vanessa. e. says:

    I know that “knitters block” feeling. it happens!! it’s also hard to conjure up the desire to wear most knits with the anticipation of such warm, sunny weather! love your photo of the cherry blossoms. and such pretty pretty fabric!

  4. Grayson Dempsey says:

    I just made baby pants and a bib out of that sheep fabric for a friend whose shower was today – I am glad you love it too! 🙂 And just remember – we all need fallow periods for the seeds to have room to grow … inspiration will strike soon! xoxo

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