Weak in the knees

Weak in the knees1

Some time ago, when Rowan Magazine 42 came out, I remember flipping through it and paused when I saw the Faeroe Wrap made out of Rowan Big Wool on page 4:

Weak in the knees2

I remember raising my eyebrow and thinking: “Sure… when you are a supermodel and tall you can pull a design like that off … whoever is actually going to knit this?!?” I rolled my eyes, sighed deeply and proceeded to look at all the other designs.

And everytime I would see the Faeroe  Wrap in that magazine, my opion did not change. My word, that thing again. I bet us normal people would look ridiculous in that wrap…

Weak in the knees3

However, a costumer who walked in the yarnshop the other day, proved me terribly wrong.

Weak in the knees

Just a few days ago, while I was explaining to a costumer why you cannot knit bulky yarn with needle size #1, I saw in the corner of my eyes a gorgeous knitwear piece walking by.

I turned my head and there it was… a beautiful black cabled coat that made me hold my breath… I immediately recognized what piece it was:

Weak in the knees6

Dear reader, this beautiful beautiful black Faeroe Wrap, worn so gracefully by its creator or should I say creatress, simply made me weak in the knees…

I am so happy that knitter Daniella agreed to pose for me so that I can show you what great work she delivered. Doesn’t she wear her Faeroe Wrap well?

Weak in the knees4 Weak in the knees5

Bravo, bravo Daniella, well done… and thank you for proven me wrong! Us mortals can look absolutely grand in certain pieces!

What a week

Ah…what a stressful week it was when my husband had that awful kidney stone attack. 

Thank you so much my dear knitter friends for your encouraging and comforting words! It really lifted our spirits!

The husband is doing well, and I bet you in a few days, he will be all his usual self again. 

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!



6 Responses to Weak in the knees

  1. Wow, that Faeroe Wrap looks better on Daniela than it does on the model! Bravo, indeed.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Very Impressive. Is it really knitted with Big Wool on US 1 needles? Did she happen to mention how long it took to knit it? That really inspires me to tackle some difficult-looking, dramatic projects. It looks great on her!

  3. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I was explaining to a newbie knitter why you cannot knit bulky yarn with needle size #1 when Daniella walked into the store wearing her beautiful Faeroe Wrap.

    So no, the Faeroe Wrap was not knitted on Needle Size US1. Impossible, because Rowan Big Wool is in fact a bulky yarn. According to the pattern, the Faeroe Wrap is knitted with Needle size US 15. I would assume therefore, that this project would not take too much time… bulky wool and US 15 should go pretty quick.

    Daniella is a Ravelry Member, I am sure she will fill you in about the details. Her username is: TangerineSamurai…

  4. vanessa. e. says:

    what a gorgeous wrap! I love seeing designs from books “on real people”. somehow it always inspires me to suddenly want to make them, too!

    the shop you work in looks lovely!! thanks for sharing this!

  5. TangerineSamurai says:

    Hi Elizabeth and everyone,
    Nancy is right, i used US 15 needles and they are by far the biggest needles i ever knit with. It took a while until i had the tension and the speed at which to knit figured out. It didnt’ take me that long – only about 2.5 weeks – one skein per day and i ended up using only 14 vs. the 16 the pattern calls out (but i join the yarns the Zimmerman way which saves a lot with a project like this).
    Thank you for all your nice comments!

    Nancy, glad your husband is feeling better…

  6. Colette says:

    Gorgeous! Nancy don’t short change yourself, this would look wonderful on your beautiful figure.

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