Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon

Springtime Bandit2

Last weekend, one of our costumers called Elizabeth (aka Isaac’s Mom), walked into the shop with a gorgeous triangular scarf. The sight of this scarf stopped me in my tracks and I could not take my eyes off of it.

Elizabeth wore it with casual elegance; a pair of jeans, black sleeveless top and over her shoulders ever so stylish was draped that gorgeous piece of handknitted beauty.

Isaac’s Mom, I mean Elizabeth, quickly informed me that she got the pattern  from Ravelry and that it was such a fast project! It is the Springtime Bandit by designer Kate Gagnon.

Gorgeous, elegant and fast..? Sounds like a project to me!

I want my Springtime Bandit…

Springtime Bandit3

I want my Springtime Bandit so bad it almost hurts. Elizabeth made hers with Alpaca with a twist, and I totally agree with her choice of yarn. Alpaca gives it just that drape, soft and silky-like feel. Excellent.

Today, I have been searching for the right yarn but haven’t bumped into it yet! 

Once I see it, I will recognize it. Everything has got to be just right: fiber, color, feel, weight of yarn… it has to be just right.

Springtime Bandit4

Say thanks to the designer!

This pattern is designed by Kate Gagnon who has a blog called Zeitgeistyarn.blogspot.com. On Ravelry, Kate’s username is Zeitgeistyarns, and she also has a website called Kateosbornedesign where you can download her Springtime Bandit pattern. Or just go to Ravelry and check it out over there.

She is so kind to offer her gorgeous Springtime Bandit pattern for free, so if you do download it, don’t forget to express your gratitude to her. I am sure she would appreciate it!

Also, don’t forget to check out everybody else’s Springtime Bandit on Ravelry! Click here to view it.

Thank you, Kate, for such a wonderful pattern!

And thank you Elizabeth for inspiring me. Say hi to your adorable little son Isaac!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry…

All photos in this blogpost courtesy of Elizabeth.


5 Responses to Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for posting these links. The scarf is lovely and I fell in LOVE with Springtime in Philadelphia!

  2. Chris T. says:

    I saw Elizabeth’s Springtime Bandit on Wed evening and was most impressed. She’s a lovely addition to our little knitting circle.

  3. Sandy says:

    How about using Fibre Company-Terra?! 😉

  4. Sherri Webber Mains says:

    WOW! My little sister, the celebrity! Bravo! Can’t wait to come to Portland to see you. I’ll try to send this to Kate so that she can enjoy your knitting prowess.

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