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I finally decided to give Twitter a try. Just like in Ravelry, my Twitter name is: “GettingPurly”.

I still haven’t figured out yet how it will benefit my blog, but hey, one can always just give it a try!

So, on Twitter, I will post daily several “tweets”, little itty bitty updates on what I am working on at the very moment. It will thus be more up to date and more frequent than my blogpost!

If you look at the right of my page, in the widget section, you will see several updates I made. So just by looking in my updates, you know what I am working on, even if I did not do a blogpost about it yet. If the updates are not showing, just click on the “Twitter updates” widget and it will direct you to my Twitter page!

Hope it makes sense, this is just an experiment. I have no idea how it will work out in the long run!

Thanks for reading and until real soon! In the meantime, check out my tweets


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