Felicity Hat by Wanett Clyde


Several weeks ago, my co-worker Leah walked in the yarnstore with the coolest hat. After I was done admiring Leah’s hat she quickly informed me that she got the pattern for free on Ravelry and that it is named “Felicity Hat”.

I was struck by its simple yet cool looking design and planned on making one myself. When searching for the pattern on Ravelry, I was stunned to see that over 900 Ravelry members knitted the Felicity Hat!

2099540463_2cba736288_m Felicity Hat designed by Wanett Clyde

The designer of this hat, Wanett Clyde (Nettie on Ravelry) has a blog called “Knitology“. 

Go visit and  download her pattern but please make sure to say hi and express your gratitude. After all, Wanett is so kind enough to give out her Felicity Hat for free!

I am itching to start one myself right this minute and I already have yarn for it but… my hands hurt terribly… 

Every once in a while, my hands hurt so bad, that I just cannot pick up the needles and knit. Bah…I want my Felicity Hat!

Oh well… just gotta ride this one out…

In the meantime, high five to Wanett, thanks so much for your beautiful Felicity Hat!!! 

Felicity Hat designed by Wanett Clyde

All pictures in this blogpost courtesy of Wanett Clyde.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry…


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