Almost done!


Allthough my gauge was off and my black Textured Tunic sweater will turn out somewhat smaller than planned, I am still happy with it. 

When working on a top down raglan sweater, I usually finish the body and then do the arms last. This time however, I am a wee bit concerned that I might run out of yarn to finish my sleeves. So I decided to do my sleeves first and then finish the bottom of the sweater.

All in all, I only have one ball of Karabella Margrite Bulky left to finalize everything! 

I am very very excited about this black sweater and cannot wait to put it on and flaunt it. 

No side slits this time

Remember how I made side slits in my previous Textured Tunic?

No side flaps for me

Not going to go for that this time. I am just going to take the easy way out: just a simple 10 to 12 row of seed stitch and call it quits! Easy sweater all the way! Love that.

Stefanie Japel writes easy to follow patterns…

I cannot tell you what an easy sweater project this Textured Tunic is. Yes I made several modifications (which I will write about when my black sweater is done), but all in all Stefanie Japel has done a great great job writing the pattern out in such a clear and easy to follow way that she did.

So if you ever are in search for a top down raglan sweater book, give Stefanie Japel’s “Fitted Knits” a try.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!

ps: Chris, writer of the blog Alice*Thelma, posted the last part of our interview.Check it out:

Alice Thelma


2 Responses to Almost done!

  1. chayo says:

    Beautiful Nancy: ))))))

  2. Nancy, Beautiful sweater. Love the photo; reminds me of some from early 20th century!

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