Staring at my Gloves


I finished my gloves and cannot stop staring at them… I am amazed, so incredibly amazed at this beautiful piece of knitting engineering. I just cannot get over the fact that somebody figured this out and actually wrote the pattern.

I used lace weight yarn from Karabella and fingering weight yarn from Louet Gems to play around:


What amazes me the most is that I did not use 4 double pointed needles to complete each individual finger. Two double pointed needles did the trick with using the Double Knitting technique. This means that you knit a tube inside out with only two needles.



Top down fingertips

The fingers are all knitted top down. A wonderful cast-on technique and turning of the fingertips creates elegant fingertips:


Elegant attaching of the fingers, perfect seams

Furthermore, the attaching of the fingers are done by such an elegant technique leaving a perfect seam in between the fingers. This my dear reader, is poetry to me:


In this picture you can see how flawless the thumb is attached:


And just look at the seam between thumb and palm:


I am so happy to have taken this class. Talented knitter and excellent teacher Judy Taylor is offering this class again in the Fall. Don’t miss it. You will not regret taking this class!

Thanks for helping me choosing a picture!

Thanks everyone, for helping me choose a picture for my Sally Hat pattern. It was really great fun and no doubt picture # 3 was by far the most popular.

At this moment, the pattern is being send to graphic designers and hopefully all will be ready by next week. Fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for reading and until the next entry!



10 Responses to Staring at my Gloves

  1. Susan says:

    The gloves are simply amazing! This makes me wish I still lived in Portland, just so I could take the class. Beautiful!

  2. adrienne says:

    They are GORGEOUS! you did a superb job!

  3. Jessa says:

    What interesting construction! Gloves seem like the ultimate knitting accomplishment to me (as far as an item goes, not counting color work), and that pattern is very clever, with the way the thumb is attached it becomes a design element.

  4. vanessa. e. says:

    those gloves are beautiful! isn’t it fun to learn new tricks? love the flawless thumb seam. poetry… as you said!

  5. Colette says:

    These gloves are beautiful!I want to learn how to make them too.

  6. Renna says:

    The gloves are lovely, and look so comfy, too. Some day, I hope to learn that knitting trick! 🙂

  7. Emilee says:

    Those have to be the most perfect fitting and constructed gloves I’ve ever seen! I’m so jealous you own them now..and you cant tell people you made it! Ha 🙂

  8. kate says:

    oh man those gloves are beautiful. i wish i could take the class too!

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  10. edith says:

    soorry hoor maar ik vind ze erg mooi ik was vergeten dat je ook handschoenen had gebreid. Ik ben met eentje bezig ik ben als laatste bij de duim, alleen de pink heb ik verkeerd gedaan, die moest lager dus los maken. Hoeveel steken heb je opgezet en welke naald heb je gebruikt en kan ik daaruit verder gaan in ieder geval bedankt.

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