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Sally Hat9

I just couldn’t hold back any longer… I just had to spill the beans and show you my Sally Hat!

Doesn’t it look so cute? Granted, I am terribly biased. But hey, I am very very content with this little hat.

And of course… it helps when the model looks cute too!

Some specifics

The Sally Hat is kind of a beret. However, one with not so much slouch, just a tiny little bit.

Sally Hat4

Notice how the top has a puckering crown. This is the result of decreasing every row at the top. For this particular design, I do like the puckering.

Sally Hat3

Was not supposed to show it to you yet…

I was not supposed to show this to you yet but I just cannot keep a secret. I am so terrible at keeping secrets! I would make such a terrible magazine editor… My great plan was to show it to you when the pattern would be available for sale. 

There are several steps to be done before the pattern is ready. Let me show you the whole design project/putting out pattern steps:

1. Initial design, prototype 1 (hopefully, it stays with prototype 1. Often not the case!)

2. Once design is approved by me, I determine what sizes I am going to offer and then I have to knit them all. This takes up a lot of time! And yarn!

3. Writing out the pattern.

4. Send pattern to test knitter.

5. Arrange photoshoot: model and stylist.

6. Determine which picture is going to be used for pattern and blog.

7. Send pattern with photos to Graphic Designers and wait for them to come back to me.

8. Once final graphic design is approved, it is send off to printer.

9. Pattern up for sale at CloseKnit!

Choosing the right picture 

Today was the photoshoot so right now I am determining what photo will be used for the pattern. Will you help me choose what picture would work best?

Photo 1:

Sally Hat5

Photo 2:

Sally Hat9

Photo 3:

Sally Hat2

Oofff… they are all so cute. Which one will it be? Help me out here, will ya?

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


10 Responses to Preview Sally Hat

  1. vanessa. e. says:

    I like shot 3. it’s bright and the hat stands out well against the green. plus the profile shows off the shape of the hat best. your model is stellar too!!
    woopee happy patternmaking!

  2. kate w. says:

    i agree with vanessa e. photo three! hehe

  3. Alex says:

    Photo #3 is the best. The hat stands out against the background and isn’t washed out by the light overhead like in #1. #2 is just too dark.

    Anyway, hello! I haven’t commented in a long time, though I do briefly look at your posts when I get updates in Bloglines. Too…much…schoolwork.

  4. Renna says:

    The hat is darling, Nancy, and I definitely would go with photo number 3! 🙂

  5. Gail says:

    Photo # 3 is fabulous. It shows the Sally hat and the adorable model to stunning advantage. I’d chosen this photo before I read the comments and learned we all seem to agree so far. Another winner, Nancy!

  6. Jessa says:

    I like #1, it shows the slouch of the hat and you can really see the texture.

  7. Anne says:

    I vote for #3 it shows a daring that is appropriate for the end results.

  8. Dorothy says:

    Love the hat! Can’t wait for it to go on sale, I was looking for a pattern just like this. My vote also goes to #3, its a great angle on the hat & model.

  9. Susan says:

    Love the hat! #3 gets my vote.

  10. Photo 3. I think the photo and the pattern are winners!

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