Several Things…


There are several things I want to talk about in this blogpost. I have been working on several projects at the same time and I am very excited about them all. Let’s go!

Designing the “Sally Hat”

My Sally Glove pattern has been incredibly succesfull at the store. I am so thankful for all those great and generous knitters who all bought my pattern. I am still a bit baffled by it… thanks so much all for your support!

Several knitters have been asking me about a hat. “Design a Sally Hat to go with the Sally Gloves!”, was a request I frequently have been hearing. 

Dear knitters, your wish is my command. Yesterday and today I have been working on a design and I just finished prototype 1. I will not give you full pictures yet, just a teaser:


To stay true to the Sally Glove design, I am using again a 1×1 ribbing with half twist (meaning you knit into the back of loops), and I am using a textured stitch for the main body of the hat.

My initial design was going to be a hat where I apply a swirl decrease for the crown but alas, it didn’t work out with the main stitch pattern. It just wouldn’t line up and my sequences were therefore totally off. It looked like a mess but I quickly adapted my idea and choose a decrease crown which perfectly matched up with the stitch pattern.


I need to work on the second prototype and hopefully I won’t have to start a third prototype. The sooner I can finalize this, the better.

Karabella Breeze


Lately, I have been very drawn to the brand Karabella. They make such beautiful and classy yarns, I am just so very smitten by their products. 

During the Sale last weekend, I picked up a whole bag of Karabella’s Breeze, a Cashmere/Merino blend. It knits up so wonderfully and I made a big swatch to see how the yarn behaves and to see whether it is really talking to me.


It is talking to me allright… it has a very soft touch and a nice drape. I am thinking a nightie, a short kimono robe, but I am also eyeballing this beautiful design from Stefanie Japel’s latest book GlamKnits. It’s the Romantic Bell Sleeved Cardi. 


I haven’t made up my mind yet. I am still sleeping on it, but this much is true: I am going to knit something fantastic with this gorgeous yarn!

Karabella Margrite Bulky


Sally is killing me. Killing me, I tell ya. How in the world am I supposed to bring a paycheck home if my boss is constantly buying in GORGEOUS yarns???

She has such a great eye for delicious yarns and it is as if she exactly knows what will tickle my fancy. So… she got some Margrite Bulky, by Karabella… a wonderful wonderful Cashmere/Merino blend…in the color black. Oi. How could I resist??? I bought a whole box…

This is going to become a sweater! I am so excited!!!!

What sweater you might wonder? Well, my favoritestestest sweater which I wear a whole lot is this one, the Textured Tunic by Stefanie Japel:

Textured Tunic

And now I want to make one in black. Woooohooo!!!

Flared Lace Smoke Ring #3

Yup, started another one! This time with my precious Qiviut yarn of $82.– per ball. But oh…let me tell you… it is WORTH every dollar. This fiber is so incredibly light, warm and so deliciously soft. It also has beautiful depth in color and a fantastic halo.


I am not as obsessed like I was with the first two Smoke Rings, though. I am taking my time with this one!

Last but not least: Double Knitting technique

I signed up for this Double Knitted Glove pattern class and last night was the very first workshop. I was very excited about this class because I was getting kind of bored and was ready to learn some new techniques.

In this class, taught by Judy Taylor, I learned how to “double knit”. This entails knitting in the round on two straight needles.

Dear reader, will you believe me I was blown away by this nifty and beautifully elegant technique? You see, I simply cannot stand working with double pointed needles and therefore avoid them as much as I can. I never knit gloves with fingers just because of it. Imagine all of those needles just for a teeny tiny circumference? Not my cup of tea…

But I need not to worry any longer… Look it, just look at this skinny piece I knitted. There are 12 stitches on one needle:


One might assume this is a flat piece… but in fact, it is hollow…it’s a tube! When I divide those 12 stitches over two needles, 6 on needle 1 and 6 on needle 2, I am able to open up my little tube…! Look it:


It is my very first finger  I knitted on two straight needles! I am so baffled and happy at the same time. What a beautiful, beautiful technique!


I just cannot wait to finish my glove. People, this is a wonderful class. If you are an advanced knitter and want to learn how to do this, I recommend you to take this class.

Judy is going to offer this class again in the Fall and I am telling you. You do not want to miss this one. For reals…

Okay, that’s it for now…Thanks for reading and until the nexy entry!


2 Responses to Several Things…

  1. Renna says:

    The Sally hat is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the entire thing. 🙂

    I actually do enjoy working on double pointed needles, but not for anything so small as a glove finger, therefore, I don’t knit gloves. I’m fascinated with what you’re learning. I hope to someday get a chance to take a class for that. It looks so cool!

  2. Susan says:

    I LOVE Karabella yarns. Simply love them! I have a yummy ball of Boise in my knitting bag, which I will knit into fingerless mitts next week, on a flight to Seattle.

    I am also in need of a hat, so tell Sally to hurry!

    Have you ever tried the Lantern Moon rosewood double pointed needles? They are wonderful to work with. Rather pricey, however, but good tools always are.

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