Black Lace


Pattern: Flared Lace Smoke Ring by 
Yarn: less than one ball of Karabella Lace
Needles: Lace Addi’s circ 24″ US 6 and Addi’s circ 16″ US 6
Cast on date: February 2, 2009
Cast off date: February 3, 2009

You know me… I just have to knit multiple projects of the same pattern… I just needed to see how this pattern looks in black yarn. And I am loving it!

Of course I had to make modifications again. Instead of 168 stitches, I casted on 140 and then followed the charts in the order it is given in the pattern. By casting on less stitches, it fits snugger around my neck. I did not make it very long, it’s just a little black cowl!

Black yarn and lace patterns

Black yarn is not that populair. Seldom do I see knitters working with black yarn and very seldom do I see black lace weight being sold in yarnshops.

I can see why. Really, who wants to look at the color black for weeks and weeks on end? Besides that, when one works with intricate lace patterns one wants the pattern to show and black is hardly chosen in that regard.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, black yarn can be dramatically beautiful in certain lace patterns. Especially when the pattern has a very open character:


I cannot tell you how much I love the outcome of this project with black yarn. I simply adore it and find it looks very classy…

A little black dress with low neckline, high heels and a black lace weight smoke ring draped around my neck? Oh yes… I can totally see myself wearing that.

Other pattern stitches that might work well for black yarn

In the past, I have played around a bit with black yarn and some stitch patterns. A year ago I started to think about a design for a black classy scarf for my mother in law and knitted up 3 swatches:

Swatch #1: Vine Lace. A very elegant lace stitch with only 4 row repeat.
Christine1 Christine2

Swatch #2: Double Wing, open work version. Almost make me think of Art Noveau/Art Deco Style.
Christine5 Christine6

Swatch #3: Scroll Pattern. Makes me think of wings of birds. Has a Japanese feel to it, in my opinion. Both front and back look very pretty.
Christine3 Christine4

Come to think of it, these stitch patterns aren’t that open but still look pretty in black.

My alltime favorite for black yarn, however, is the Flared Lace Smoke Ring pattern!


Thanks for reading and until the next enry…



9 Responses to Black Lace

  1. Chris T. says:

    When I find a pattern I love, I like to make multiples too! LOL! But people give me a hard time about it. They say “There’s so many patterns – why the same one twice.”
    sigh. I never would think of knitting in black until I saw your stitch patterns! Ausgezeichnet!!!!!

  2. Susan says:

    I have always loved knitting with black. My only problem is at night. Then, it has to be pretty hefty yarn or else I need one of those huge spotlights you see in parking lots.

    I’ve actually just finished a pair of black fingerless mitts, using a crosshatch lace pattern. As soon as I finished I bought more yarn for a matching hat. Reading your post makes me KNOW I am going to buy some black yarn for a pair of lacy socks.

    Many years ago, Vogue Knitting had a sweater that was basically black stockinette in front and sleeves, with a gorgeous black fabric lace for the back. Do you remember it? That sweater was so sexy-gorgeous, just like your black cowl.

  3. vanessa.e says:

    that cowl is SO beautiful. it’s fun to see in every color. I too agree that black is underrated! whenever I pick up black yarn someone talks me into a color that will show off the pattern more, and since there are just so many brilliant colors I get pulled away. but as for finished garments, I’d most prefer that they are black. I need to keep this in mind when picking out yarn. thanks for showing us the beauty of a rather neglected shade and how it really can bring out the stitch!

  4. spider says:

    beautiful! i love it. i just finished a habu kusha kusha scarf in black/taupe. it did hurt my eyes some, but the result is worth it.
    i might have to try lace soon. you are very inspiring.

  5. Chris T. says:

    BTW I have to ask…where do you find the stitch patterns? The ones that you swatched? I’d like to try them myself. thanks!

  6. […] cowl to new heights. Nancy is a master knitter who also had an interesting post about working with black (which I never do…as you can see I’m solidly stuck on orange these days). We are […]

  7. Tiferet says:

    Woo-hoo! Finally a project in black that I think I could tackle. I did a black camel’s hair scarf for a gift a few years ago and although it was gorgeous I could only work on it in the daytime. Since then I’ve picked smaller projects, like wrist warmers with beads. Now, Nancy, your perfect cowl temps me. You’re so right about how elegant it will look with the little black dress hiding in my closet.

  8. Jessa says:

    This looks completely different in black, I really like it. Its kind of… biker chic? Edgy, but still feminine.

  9. I love black. But my favorite needles are black (Lantern Moon Ebony) so I have to really want to knit with black yarn to change to my bamboo needles!

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