I want Sarah Palin’s Cowl…


Whether one likes or dislikes, agrees or doesn’t agree with Sarah Palin is not the issue here.


I want it. I want it baaaaaad.

When I saw Sarah Palin wearing this cowl I it struck me as some what familiar, as if I had seen it before… that gorgeous lace pattern. After some brain cracking, I remembered vaguely that I had seen it somewhere on the internet at some knitting blog…but which one..?

And so began the hunt, dear reader, for the lace cowl that resembles Sarah Palin’s Cowl. It took me a little while but I think I found it.

Flared Smoke Ring by designer Jackie E-S from Heartstrings Fiber Arts

I wish I had a picture of it but I don’t. So click here to see what I am talking about!

It is a gorgeous gorgeous lace cowl by designer Jackie E-S, and I think it is the closest thing to Sarah Palin’s Cowl. Of course this topic has been discussed by knitters on Ravelry and many options of patterns were thrown in the mix, but to me this Flared Smoke Ring is simply it.

I am assuming it is Qiviut that Sarah is wearing, simply because she is from Alaska and Qiviut is from the Alaskan Musk Ox. And what do you know, I’ve got some Qiviut in my stash!


I am very very excited about this!!! Finally I found a suitable project for my precious Qiviut!

Hat adventures


How excited I was in my last post about this hat. All the excitement is gone now. The hat came out waaaaaay to big and I did not like the outcome at all!


So I frogged it. Immediately. No mercy. 


I don’t even want to tweak the pattern to make it more to my liking. It was such an incredible bore to knit, purling in the round for rows and rows on end. Yuck. No thanks.

On to the next hat project: Spring Beret by Natalie Larson.

Spring Beret

Just the other day, while I was working at the yarnshop, this lady came in wearing a beautiful knitted hat. She shared with us that the she had found the pattern on Ravelry and that it was called Spring Beret.

I immediately looked it up, downloaded the pattern, casted on and voila, this is the result:


It is a super quick knit, worsted weight yarn, needle size US 8/ US 9 and the lace pattern (horse shoe) is so incredibly easy. I like the outcome allthough it is a little  bit too big. 


I like the pattern so much that I am going to knit the smaller version and fingers crossed that I will like that outcome better than my first one.

High five to Nathalie Larson, designer of this beautiful Spring Beret! 

Thanks for reading and until the next entry…



3 Responses to I want Sarah Palin’s Cowl…

  1. redfear says:

    Spring Beret rocks! and now I have to like Sarah Palin.

  2. Denise says:

    Hey someone else noticed it! Cool!

  3. Pendie says:

    I love that cowl pattern you found; I already have it ordered! It drapes so nicely, I like it better than the regular mobieus.

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