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I am all about hats, lately… For the longest, I haven’t been really interested in hats and knitted only sweaters and tops before I even had knitted my very first hat.

It’s a different story now… all I can think about are hats and I am on the hunt for just the right hat patterns. You see, I’ve got a big head…and I am very peculiar about how my hat should fit.

Finding the right hat pattern to me is like finding the right pair of jeans: it’s gotta fit just right. And once I find the right one, I can’t stop making them. 

You all know I am mad about Louisa Harding’s Portia hat:


And I am also very fond of the Sunset Beret by Haley Waxberg:


But having knit those multiple times, I thought it would be nice to move forward and find a new pattern to play with. How happy I was when I saw this beautifully cabled beret on the frontpage of magazine Knit!!


I immediately bought some skeins of Manos Solid and was more than ready to knit this very cute hat! I had however, several concerns about the pattern… First of, the entire hat is knit with two strands of Manos and you have to start with circulair 16″ needle US7. That’s an awful small size for double stranded Manos.

Secondly, at one point you have to switch to a circulair 16″ needle US11 and increase stitches untill you have 144 stitches on the needles. Woah. 144 stitches of double stranded Manos on a circulair 16″, that’s going to be awfully crowded.

I did not heed those two red flags and optimistically casted on. And guess what… US7 with two strands of Manos, uhm… no. So I switched to needle size circulair 16″ US8.

Once I had to switch to the bigger size needle, my hands were already hurting and I got pretty annoyed. Then after I did all of the needed increases and I had 144 stitches on my 16″ US 11, I was even more annoyed. Yup, crowded it was! Just too much stitches and thus absolutely nearly impossible to comfortably knit!

My hands were hurting, too much stitches crammed on my circulairs and I my annoyance level went up sky high. Finally, I give up and abort the project. 

It’s a cute pattern… but cute alone don’t cut it. It has to be a pleasant experience for me to knit a project and the way I was feeling was far from it.

So… now what?


I can’t linger too long in disappointment and hunted for the next hat pattern and found one in a Filati accesoires booklet. Ahhh… so cute!

Here’s a close up:


I just cannot wait to make this one!

Totally forgot about this one


Can you believe I knitted this cute cute cloche by Laura Irwin and then I forgot to blog about it! Bad Nancy. Look at how lovely this hat came out! 

The pattern is in Laura Irwin’s book Boutique knits and calls for 2 balls of Rowan Lux. A quick and entertaining knit. So…what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a copy of Boutique Knits and make yourself one too!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry…





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