JaNae’s Golden Moment


We have a winner… Only three knitters entered into my little contest asking you to give me the name of the designer who made these:


Spider and Tif’eret gave it a shot, however, JaNae came with the correct answer. She wrote:

“Paul Poiret, love this post, I’m in need of a golden moment myself & I love the hat you made above. I’m just a beginner at this knitting thing but I’m loving every step of learning.”

Well, JaNae, I am happy to tell you that your Golden Moment is here! You were right, it’s Paul Poiret, one of my all time favorite designer. Want to see what you have won?

Some delicious Silk Blend by Manos and Suri Merino by Blue Sky Alpacas:


May I suggest a project for these yarns? Why don’t you use the Manos Silk Blend to make my Long Scalloped Fingerless Gloves Adrienne?


And the Suri Merino you can use to make the Sally Fingerless Glove! I will include the pattern for you for free!


Wait, you think that’s it? Oh no no no… Here’s another beautiful golden yarn for you, it’s Bouline by GGH:


Might I suggest you try my Fingerless Gloves Emanelle? In the photo below I used exactly the same yarn, only a different color:

That wasn't too hard, now was it?

If you are worried you won’t have the right needles for these projects, don’t worry… In your package I will include the right needles and some cable needles too. And besides that, what’s a knitter without a cute little project bag?


Of course, JaNae, these projects are only suggestions. You can do whatever you wish to do with all of the yarn you won today! Congratulations!


Thanks for reading and untill the next entry…


One Response to JaNae’s Golden Moment

  1. JaNae says:

    yea!!!! I honestly am so excited and surprised no one else had entered this contest. If they only knew how awesome the prize was. I will have try out all the projects you’ve suggested. Thank You!
    Bytheway: One of my favorite things about Paul Poiret -other than his amazing clothing, was that he said his wife was the inspiration for all his creations.

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