My Life Before Knitting

Just the other week when I was knitting away and sipping my Hazelnut Latte in a coffeehouse, two women sat right next to my table. At first I assumed they were grandmother and granddaughter, but when the younger woman addressed the older lady with her last name, preceded with a respectful “Mrs.”, I knew they were not connected by kinship.

What struck me most while watching these two woman interact was the respect and love they both gave to eachother. The younger woman would continously make sure the older lady was completely comfy; “Is your coffee just right, Mrs Johnson?”, she would ask while touching her arm. “Are you sure your chair is comfortable enough, Mrs Johnson?”, she would inquire, ready to jump up to find a more suitable chair for her older friend.

The older lady on her turn, would inquire about the younger woman’s well being and life, ready to give her gentle advice when asked for. 

It was so pleasant to see and hear them interact, these two friends with a huge age difference…

Then after a long pause, the older lady asked the younger woman: “How long have we known eachother now, dear? It must have been only 2 years, hasn’t it?” 

– “Yes, Mrs Johnson, it has been two years now.”

“You know”, the older lady continues, “I don’t even remember how my life was before I met you…”

In response, the younger woman jumped up and gave her dear friend a warm hug.

And at this point I put down my knitting and hide behind my cup of Hazelnut Latte, pretending to be busy drinking my coffee, and hoping nobody notices my teary eyes.

My life before knitting

Sometimes a special thing comes into your life and you enjoy it so much that you cannot even imagine how it would be without it. Such is knitting to me… 

Knitting has become something so precious and dear to me that at times, I cannot remember how I was before I picked up the needles. 

However, after some digging into the past I vaguely remember that I would cook more often. And I would read a lot. Not to mention watching TV! I would watch TV a lot and I remember how bored I felt while doing it.

Knitting has enriched my life. It has made me more creative, it has brought moments of pure passion, it has driven me to near madness if I was not able to figure something out, it has also truly brought me joy. Hours and hours of joy!

So… how was your life before knitting, I wonder? Do you remember?

Dainty little projects


I am all into daintly little projects… First of, I have been working with some cashmere from Artyarns. I love how it feels around my neck; so incredibly soft! So I wanted to create a daintly little choker with fancy buttons.

I still have to finish it. Just have to sew it up with the buttons and it is done. More pics will follow beginning of next week!

Secondly, I have been working on some dainty little ankle warmers. Most of the time, legwarmers are so big and bulky. Too robust to wear with high heels… and since I wear high heels alot, I wanted to create a daintly little legwarmer but found the name ankle warmer more suitable when I came up with these:


Say what? You want a more detailed photo of my ankle warmer? Sure!


Three brave knitters

In my last post, Golden Satisfaction, I issued, rather impulsively, a little contest. I put up some pictures of beautiful fashion designs and asked whether you would know the name of the designer.

Only three brave knitters, gave it a shot:

Spider came up with designer Elsa Schiaparelli, Tiferet thinks it might be Russian designer Erte, and JaNae is certain it’s Paul Poiret.

Thanks, ladies, for entering into the competition! The winner, if any,  will be announced this coming Monday…

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!



One Response to My Life Before Knitting

  1. Renna says:

    What a touching story about the younger and older women friends, and how you related it to your knitting passion. You have such a talent for writing, as well as your obvious talent for designing and knitting! 🙂

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