Golden Satisfaction

Just the other day, when I was on a mission to get a book at Powell’s in downtown Portland, I could not help but notice how a warm feeling came over me… for no particular reason.

I walked in a slow pace, no hurry, and I as I tried to analyse this warm feeling, it struck me how golden this warm energy that suddenly came over me felt. I paused for a moment, stood still in the middle of the sidewalk for just a second as I suddenly was able to put my finger on it: satisfaction…I was filled with a feeling of satisfaction for no particular reason.

I tried to sum up reasons for this sudden golden feeling of satisfaction but immediately stopped myself. Some feelings should not be analyzed and be broken down. Some feelings just come as they come and best to just enjoy it. 

Ever since that moment, just a few days ago, I cannot help but being attracted to goldeny colors…all I want is yarn and other material that has at least some glow of golden…

Manos Silk Blend and some dainty buttons


Ah, how delicious Manos Silk Blend is… I loved this yarn by Manos del Uruguay from the first day it arrived at the store last year. I have taken home many a color except for the ones with a golden glow to them. 

So I chose a warm golden color and a dark bronze color, quickly wound them into balls and once home, I immediately selected some little dainty buttons… ah what to make, what to make..?

Sometimes, I just assemble the materials and just stare at it for several days. Then, suddenly, it will hit me. Until then, I keep on dreaming.


Portia hat in Kidsilk Aura

I know… I have made the Portia hat by Louisa Harding already 3 times before. This time I desperately wanted to see how it would look in Kidsilk Aura in of course a goldeny colorway. 

The pattern calls for dk weight yarn and since the Kidsilk Aura is a aran weight I had to tweak the pattern a bit. Came out fine!


I just love how beautifully the decreases line up. Just cannot take my eyes off of it!


Other golden inspiration: who is this designer?

Today I leave you with some beautiful fashion pieces… can you guess who designed these?

I am very curious who will come up with the right answer… the one that has the right answer will be rewarded with some goodies…

Yup, this is a little contest, it will stay open for a week. Leave me a comment with the designers name!




Good luck! I am very curious to see who will come up with the right answer!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry…


4 Responses to Golden Satisfaction

  1. spider says:

    i’m thinking elsa schiaparelli….

  2. Tiferet says:

    They might be from Erte, the Russian fashion designer? Fun, Nancy!

  3. JaNae says:

    Paul Poiret, love this post, I’m in need of a golden moment myself & I love the hat you made above. I’m just a beginner at this knitting thing but I’m loving every step of learning.

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