The Forest Goddess

A couple of months ago, while I was working in the yarnshop during a very busy Sunday afternoon, a young couple with a baby wandered in. I was doing ten things at the same time behind the desk; answering questions, picking up the phone, checking costumers out, all the while very aware of what was happening in the store.

Amidst the frenzy, I observed the young couple with newborn closely and it struck me how graceful and almost regal they moved around the store. She was wearing a beautiful green silk dress and her long blond dreadlocks were carefully pinned on top of her head. It looked as if she was wearing a crown. He was carrying the baby and I couldn’t help but notice how much he admired the sleeping infant.

As they passed the Noro cabinet, they both gasped at the beautiful colors of the Noro Silk Garden. When they found the the Double Dayflower Scarf I had knitted out of two colorways of the Noro Silk Garden they were simply elated. And me, I was very pleased with the way they examined my craftmanship: with admiration and respect.

Double-Dayflower3 Double-Dayflower2

“How much for the scarf”, she finally asked me. I shook my head and replied:”It took me a lot of time and effort to knit that scarf. Not to mention the cost of the yarn. I am sorry, it is not for sale.”

Dear reader, the disappointment in their eyes almost broke my heart…

“You can buy the yarn, though, and I will give you the pattern for free. That way, you can make it yourself”, I continued. “Why don’t you try the scarf on, see if you really like it and then I can help you find the right colors, yes?”

She carefully draped the scarf around her neck several times and answered:” I know how much time this must have taken you to knit. I could never do it…”

When I held up the mirror for the lady, and looked up to see how it becomes her, my jaw simply dropped. How radiant and beautiful she looked…

Her dreadlocks turned into lianes; sturdy wooden vines depicting her majestic crown. She herself, suddenly looked so tall, firmly grounded like an ancient tree in a thousand year old forest.

Then, suddenly, I heared lovely soft humming and I could not believe my eyes when the dayflowers from my knitted scarf, slowly rose their heads and genlty swayed back and forth while sharing their mesmerizing scent.

The dayflowers sang to me that their place is with this majestic forest creature. The dayflowers begged me to let them go for they belonged with her, their Forest Goddess…

I bowed my head and bended my knee in reverence, however, nevertheless, named my price for the scarf. She did not blink an eye and agreeably nodded.

And so I parted from my beautiful Double Dayflower scarf, made out of 6 balls of Noro Silk Garden. And let me tell you, I was so proud to see the beautiful Forest Goddes wearing it. I realized that when I knitted this scarf, way back when, I knitted it for her.

If you want to knit your own Double Dayflower scarf, click here for the free pattern!

Thank you for reading and untill the next entry.


6 Responses to The Forest Goddess

  1. Amy says:

    Isn’t it nice when things find their rightful place in the universe? I’m glad you recognized the scarf’s true home. I’m sure this woman loves it and thinks of you each time she wears it.

  2. Beautiful story! Now you’ll have to knit another one for the shop, or for you.

  3. Jen K. says:

    You are such a generous person. That was a very noble thing you did parting with an item you had put so much time and love into. I hear those are the greatest gifts and I’m sure your scarf will be treasured forever. Thank you also for the pattern, though it may be a year or two before I have the skills to make it. Have a wonderful new year.

  4. gettingpurlywithit says:

    You should have seen the scarf on her… just perfect..!

    Every now I then, I miss my scarf… but I know it is where it belongs…

    Luckily, I knitted two double dayflowers in the past 🙂

    I have one at home… which reminds me, I need to take it to the shop. Hopefully no other Godess will walk in and claim the dayflowers… haha!

    Jen K:
    This double dayflower pattern was very difficult for me… It taught me a lot about lace knitting and keeping in the right sequence of lace stitches, though.

    It has been a while since I touched lace… One really has to be in the mood for it, I guess!

  5. What a beautiful story! love it when things like this happen, when we can see the magic all around us!

  6. ute swerdloff says:


    i have been trying to knit this scarf. F+Row 12 has me puzzled. there are not enough stirches available to do row 12 if i have 42 stirches to begin with.

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