The Ginger Suite Holiday Party

December 17, 2008

GingerSuiteHoliday Party 2008

Owner of hairsalon/indie designer boutique “The Ginger Suite Salon” has been haunting me for the longest to knit some of my designs to be put out in her salon. “Kassandra, do you realize how much work that would be for me?”, I constantly would reply, but that would not keep her from backing off.

Finally, I succumbed and agreed to debut my work at the Ginger Suite Holiday Party which took place last Saturday. I was quite nervous about it as I did not know how non-knitters would respond to my work. And also, would I be able to whip up a bunch of inventory on time?

Feeling overwhelmed


For the past month I have been knitting knitting knitting my little fingers off in order to meet the deadline of December 13th. A few days before the party, Kassandra came to my house to view my inventory and as she stood at my table I expressed my concerns that I would not have enough.

How relieved I was when her reaction was something like “Oh my, you knitted all that???!!!!???”

DSC_7964 DSC_7963 DSC_7960 DSC_7959

And as she gasped at all of my goods (over 10 pairs of fingerless gloves and 16 cowls), I suddenly realized that I had unnecessarily freaked myself out by thinking that amount of inventory would not suffice!

DSC_7978 DSC_7958

Succesfully Exhausted

Dear reader, I am happy to report that my knitted goods were received well by the ladies who came to The Ginger Suite Holiday Party last Saturday. I cannot begin to explain to you how happy I am about that!

GingerSuiteHoliday Party 2008

To see women trying on my work and then buying it… ah… words cannot express how relieved I was.

GingerSuiteHoliday Party 2008

So, dear reader, I hope you do understand why I was not able to blog that frequently over the past few weeks… I have been working hard on my debut at the Ginger Suite Salon, which entailed knitting and finishing untill way past midnight for several weeks in a row!

Now that the pressure is gone, I feel exhausted…succesfully exhausted though…

This blog entry does not do the party any justice though… if you want to see more, please visit The Ginger Suite Salon myspace account.

Theme of the party were vintage slips, earrings and knitwear by Portland indie designers.

GingerSuiteHoliday 2008

GingerSuiteHoliday Party 2008

Also, if you are interested in receiving an invitation to next year’s Holiday Party, please leave me a comment (that way I can see what your e-mail address is and btw, I am the only one who can see your e-mail adress so don’t worry about that) and I will include you in the invitation list!

On another note…

Not only have I been working on inventory, but I also have been working on my patterns. I am so incredibly happy to report to you, my dear reader, that Getting Purly With It patterns have been selling well at CloseKnit’s on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon.

The first ‘generation’ of my patterns are made in the program Word and contain no pictures. However, I have been meeting up with graphic designers and I am so excited about that! I just cannot wait to show you how my patterns will look like when they are ready…

Needless to say that I have been pretty busy…but I am not complaining because what I do right now in my life, I do out of mere passion. And that is a damn good thing…! SWEEEET!!!


Thank you for reading and untill the next entry (which will be very soon, I promis)!

At long last…my patterns for sale at CloseKnit

December 1, 2008


It took a while but at long last the Sally Fingerless Gloves are finally for sale at yarnshop CloseKnit on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon

Regular readers of this blog must remember that I worked on these gloves back in december 2007. To see and read the progress of this design, please click on the links below:

Fingerless Glove Sally

Fingerless Glove Sally progress

This glove is named after the owner of yarnshop CloseKnit on Alberta Street… Thank you so much, Sally, for your support over the past year. I would have never been able to come up with such fun designs if it wasn’t for your beautiful shop and excellent variety of yarn. Keep on selecting such beautiful yarn and I will keep on being inspired!

Big thanks too, to amazing knitter Leah, who testknitted for me! HIPPO!

And last, but most certainly not least, big ups to my co-workers Adrienne and Jenni for their wonderful support…!

Also, the following patterns are now for sale at yarnshop CloseKnit on Alberta street in Portland, Oregon:

Kassandra’s Cowl


This is a simple cowl with buttons. A very quick knit! One customer told me that she already made 5 (!) of these for Christmas presents.

Tristan’s Scarf


Regular readers of this blog will surely remember that I named this design after my brother Tristan!

To read all about how this scarf came about back in december 2007 please click on link below:

Tristan’s scarf

I am so happy that several customers already have bought the pattern!

Poppy Flower


These little pretties just make my heart sing. I smile everytime I make one… I know for a fact that at this moment, customer Joyce is working hard to make one. She told me that it is a challenge for her to work with such tiny yarn (Kidsilk haze). Keep on working at it, Joyce! You can do it!

Big Hug to you…

Since my last post I have received wonderful wonderful feedback from knitters out there. Thank you all so much, it is really heartwarming…

Keep them wonderful comments coming… weeeee!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!