The Stoic One Weeps

November 12, 2008

Several weeks ago one of our costumers at CloseKnit came into the shop to cancel her participation in my fingerless glove class. Once the costumer realized that I was the teacher of the class she had just cancelled, she profusely apologized to me and wondered if I was offended. I can honestly say, I was absolutely not offended at all!

My boss then turned to the costumer and said: “Really, we have yet to find out what offends Nancy. She’s pretty stoic.”

My boss’ statement about me being stoic, made me pause. It made me pause because what was said about me being a stoic person is in fact true.

On the contrary of other knitting blogs I keep my private life pretty private. Rarely do I write about my husband and there is not one picture of me and my beloved one. That does not mean I dearly love him, my love for him is deeper than one could detect on my blog.

Also, I do not talk about politics or world economics. That does not mean I am not moved or not deeply affected of what is happening all around us… I just choose not to write about these things… however, this stoic one is not so stoic in the end…

Weeping like a baby

Last Tuesday I was knitting on one of my latest designs. I knew that on that particular night the president-elect would be announced but because the pressure was just too high for me to handle, I sat down in my creative room and knitted away.

Then suddenly, I heard my neighbor Tim cheer and shout in our street and I knew instantly who had been elected. Shortly after Tim’s cheering, I heard church bells, people cheering in the streets, fireworks and cars honking their horns.

I lay down my knitting… and I wept. I wept like a baby.

My husband who was out of town for work, texted me: “Go outside and hug somebody, baby!”

However, that is not my style. I staid inside the house and wept and wept…of happines and relief.

This stoic knitter does have feelings

Regular readers of this blog must remember that last winter I took a long break from blogging. It is time for me to confess what was the main reason for my long break.

By that time I had released several free patterns on my blog. Those were all patterns I had spent many hours working on, test knitting, writing the pattern, creating a pdf. file, some more test knitting and photography.

I put in some hard work people… and many hours!

When I noticed on my blog statistics that my patterns were downloaded over 400 times I was quite surprised. However, I was even more surprised that only a handfull of people took the time to say “thank you”.

I have never said a word about this on my blog because, yes, I am pretty stoic. Truth however is that I was pretty hurt. Here I am, working hard on designs, testknitting, writing patterns, issueing them for free… and hardly any comments saying “thank you”.

I realize now, that you are thankful

Once I got over the disappointed of not having too many comments of gratitude I realized that knitters ARE THANKFUL for free patterns. Since then, many knitters have come into the shop and expressed their gratitude to me.

Also, for the knitters who have left me comments of gratitude and/or linked to my blog, thank you so much for your positive feedback! It really makes me smile, smile, smile!!!

And for those who haven’t left me comments, I know that you are thankful. But I also want to encourage you to leave comments whenever you use or download a free pattern from kind and very generous knitters in blogland. Really, it makes a huge difference.

The best feedback…ever…

I would like to end this post with feedback from a knitter named Chloe. Her comment made me cry… for real.

I am so happy that Chloe took the time to write me… this is what she wrote:

Although I learned to knit as a teenager, I never knit anything other than scarves and baby blankets. That is until my granddaughters saw the pictures of your lovely fingerless gloves and begged me to knit them each a pair.

I promised to give it a try as I haven’t knitted for many years.
Thanks to your wonderful instructions and tutorials, I was able to knit up 10 pair of Emanelle for my daughters and granddaughters. They loved them and I enjoyed learning to knit again using your great pattern.

I plan to knit 10 pair of Denaedin for them for the coming winter.

Thank you so very much for your easy to understand directions.
So easy, that this 82 year old could figure it all out and end with perfect fingerless gloves 10 times.”

My gratitude is huge

When I started this blog in april 2007, barely 10 people would visit on a daily basis. Now, more than a year later, I get over a 150 hits a day.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I would have never ever thought that there would be any interest in what I have to say or what I am knitting on.

My gratitude is huge… beyond belief.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!