Thank you, Pittsburgh


My time here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has come to an end. What a wonderful, wonderful visit… When we first visited Pittsburgh back in 2006, we were immediately taken by the friendly people we encountered in this city.

We came back only to find yet more of its friendliness and kind openheartedness.

A Steeler’s fan forever


Me and my husband were surprised by tickets to a Steeler football game last Monday. Now you must know that I am absolutely not a sports fan and what do I know about American Football? Absolutely nothing.

However, I did realize that tickets to a Monday night Steelers game are hard to come by, and hey, I am in America after all, so why not go and experience this “all American” sports event?

I am so happy I went… It was a magnificent experience. To me, it was not just a football game. During that Steelers game last Monday, so many things became crystal clear to me. I had lots of insights and I would have never thought that during a football game the universe would reveal to me several life lessons.

More of that in a later post.

Hooking up with with an artistic photographer from Seattle in Pittsburgh

I had the wonderful opportunity to hook up with a lady friend who does artful work with photography. We spend a morning together in which she taught me several principles about being a photographer.


Photography does not come naturally to me. I struggle when I take pictures, especially when I take pictures with models.

My friend helped me on my way, coached me in areas where I got frustrated or anxious and pointed out to me in what parts of photography I can become more confident.

Also, more of that later in the week.

A shout out to the knitters of EWE CAN KNIT


Marleen at EWE CAN KNIT

Last, but most certainly not least, here’s a shout out to my knitters at EWE CAN KNIT in downtown Portland.

I spend lots and lots of fun hours in that warm and cozy knitshop. So much that my poor husband felt a tiny bit left out. Hey what can I say, I am a passionate knitter and where ever there are kindred spirits… you betcha I am there!


Every time I would come over to hang out and knit, Marleen would make sure I would feel so welcome. Her friendly smile, and enthusiasm just warmed my heart and I kept on coming in for more.

During a Thursday knit get together I had the pleasure to meet several wonderful knitters. I am thankful that they accepted me into their group and let me hang and knit with them!

Thank you so much… it was a pleasure hanging with you. Your warm kindness I will never forget…


Thank you for reading and untill the next entry!


2 Responses to Thank you, Pittsburgh

  1. Marleen says:

    Nancy~ Thank-you so very much for your kind words about my shop in Pittsburgh EWE CAN KNIT. ~
    It was such a pleasure seeing you again, and I really enjoyed all the days you spent at my shop, the exchange of stories some which brought tears to my eyes from the laughter we shared, your patterns and your pictures as well as my new favorite…the music you brought to me. I “must” listen to this Cd at least once everyday, it makes me smile and gets me ready to tackle any “oops” that walk through my front door!
    I told you when you were leaving that you touched not only my life but so many of my daily knitting ladies as well. They still speak of you with awe, and miss you too.~
    Also I had told you, your shop in Portland is so very lucky to have found you, what a gem you are!
    Thanks again Nancy~

  2. gettingpurlywithit says:


    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am so happy to hear from you!

    I am telling everybody here what great time I had in Pittsburgh, Marleen… I think about you all often and cannot wait to visit you again…

    Thank you so much for your kindness, it was truly a pleasure to be at EWE CAN KNIT!

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