My Classes this Fall

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Have you seen all the classes that are taught at CloseKnit in Portland, Oregon? Adrienne has put together 28 (!) classes for this Fall!

I offer a few classes this season and I would like to tell you more about them, give you more indepth information.

For details about dates, hrs and fees, please visit CloseKnit’s Class page by clicking here.

Also, if you would like to sign up, please give CloseKnit a call or e-mail. You can find their details on their website!

For each of my classes I will give the number it is listed under on CloseKnit’s Class page so that you can find it quickly, okay?

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Tristan’s Scarf
(#11 on the class list)

JK16 DSC_4014 JK3

This is an excellent class for the new knitter who is comfortable with the knit stitch and the purl stitch and is now ready for some variation.

We are going to work with Misti Alpaca Chunky, which is super soft and a pleasure to work with.
Students can choose to make the long version or the short version (cowl) with buttons.

What you will learn:

  • Seed stitch
  • Variation of the seed stitch
  • Reading a knitting pattern
  • Reading your own knitting on the needles

It is a luscious and substantial scarf which will keep you or a loved one warm and cozy during the cold winter!

Luxurious Fingerless Glove “Sally” with Strap and Button
(#13 on the class list)


We are going to work with a luscious dk weight yarn called Suri Merino from the brand Blue Sky Alpacas, and make this cute fingerless glove. The strap and button gives it character and I am sure you will have lots of compliments when you wear these!

And no, these are not knitted in the round with dpns! These are knitted flat and then later on we seam them.

What you will learn:

  • Variation of the seed stitch
  • 1×1 ribbing with half twist
  • 1×1 ribbing with full twist
  • Picking up stitches
  • Seaming with the invisible mattrass technique

Who would have thought…all these techniques in this cute little glove!

Long Scalloped Fingerless Glove “Adrienne”
(#14 on the class list)


These long fingerless gloves are made with just one skein of Manos silk blend or with just one skein of Rowan’s Tapestry.

Scallops in this elegant glove are made by a sequence of certain stitches. If you are comfortable with the knit stitch and the purl stitch and so ready to do some knit gymnastics, then this is the class for you!

What you will learn:

  • how to keep in pattern with sequences of stitches
  • slip slip knit (ssk)
  • knit two together (k2tog)
  • knit in front and back of stitch (kfb)
  • Seaming with mattrass stitch technique

The pattern is offered for free on this blog, but those who need some guidance: please feel free to join this class!

Knitted Poppy Flowers
(#26 on the class list)


I am very happy with these cute little poppy flowers! They truly give me so much joy making them…

We will use either Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze or Kidsilk Aura, and we will use a sequence of stitches to create these cute little delights.

What to use them for? Hmmm… for embellishement, to beautify wonderfully wrapped gifts or just to keep your precious jewelry in!

nank5 poppy

Anyways, I think they are adorable and hope you will have funmaking these…

And again, these are knitted flat!

What you will learn:

  • slip slip knit (ssk)
  • knit two together (k2tog)
  • knit in front and back (kfb)

I would LOVE to have you in my classes!

So dear reader, if you are in the Portland area, and you have the time to take a class, please do! I really would LOVE to have you in one of my classes..! It’s going to be fun, I am sure…

For more information about dates, hrs and fees, please go to CloseKnit’s class page by clicking here. To sign up, give CloseKnit a call or send them an e-mail. All of their information is on their website!

I really do hope to see you at one of my classes, it sure would be a pleasure to meet you and to have some knitting fun with you!

Also, please make sure to check out all the other wonderful classes CloseKnit is offering. They are all so much fun and offered by wonderful wonderful teachers…

Thank you so much for reading and untill the next entry!


4 Responses to My Classes this Fall

  1. jenni says:

    Dear dear dear nancy pancy, just wanted to let you know your samples are the most popular in the shop these days. you are quite the sot after designer. hope your having a wonderful time cant wait to drink wine and hear all about it. kisses

  2. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Jenni hafapenny! Thank you so much for letting me know… that really gives me confidence in my design adventures…!

  3. disneypal says:

    I wish I lived close enough to take one of your classes. I love your patterns. I just started making a pair of Dendaedin last night and so far, I’m loving the pattern and it is so well written.

  4. gettingpurlywithit says:


    Thanks so much for your feedback, I so appreciate that!

    You taking the time to let me know how well I wrote my pattern means a lot to me.

    I hope that you have fun knitting the little gloves. I wrote those patterns when I was a fairly new knitter and I remember how proud I was 🙂

    May it give you excitement as it gave me wonderful excitement!

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