Free Pattern: Seed Stitch Cowl with Colinette Point 5


I was playing around with some huge yarn called Colinette Point 5 and needle size US#19 and showed it to my co-worker Adrienne. She was immediately interested in the yarn, purchased some and two days later she presented me her version which you can see in the pictures. Sweet!


Unlike me, Adrienne chose to work with needle size #17 because she wanted a more dense and closer knit cowl. Seeing her cowl made me change to needle #17 too!


Allthough this very thick and thin yarn is totally out of my comfort zone, I have to admit that I really like it. The seed stitch gives it a very textural look and all the bright colors will surely liven up a dark winters day. Me like…

The pattern: all it takes is seed stitch!


I just finished one cowl and purchased some big buttons at Ewe Can Knit in Pittsburgh, PA to go with it and I am very satisfied with the way it turned out. I had so much fun making the cowl that I took some bright blue Colinette point 5 with me to make another one!

Are you ready? Let’s go:

Yarn: Just one skein of Colinette Point 5 Super Bulky
Needle size: US 17
Gauge: 7.5 stitches over 4 inches measured over seed stitch

Step 1:

With needle size US #17, cast on 15 stitches:


Step 2:

Row 1) K1 and then (P1, K1) till end of row

Step 3:

Repeat row 1 every row untill there are 60 inches of yarn left:


Step 4:

Cast of loosely and sew on 3 or 5 buttons at one side of your cowl. Just make sure that the buttons are not too big. If they are too big, than you will have to make buttonholes. I chose buttons that are just the right size so I that I did not have to make button holes. Just try if you can push the buttons in between the stitches easily and you will be fine.

Weave in all ends. How easy was that???? And so quick!!!! It took me and Andrienne only 2 hours to complete our projects.

Choosing the right buttons

I don’t know about you but my buttons have got to be just the right buttons!

As you can see in the very first picture, Adrienne decided to work with 3 very large buttons. Because they were a bit too large, Adrienne made button holes.

Me on the other hand, I am far too lazy to make button holes. So I picked up three buttons that are large but also narrow enough to push through my stitches.


You may not see it in the picture in which I am wearing the blue colored cowl, but there are no buttons. I am still on the hunt for just the right buttons for my blue cowl. I might decide to work with 3 large ones, or I might decide to work with 5 smaller ones.

How to wear your Super Bulky Seed Stitch Cowl?

You can button your cowl all the way up and simply burry your face in it and pull it up to cover your ears. Oh heavens when the cold really hits you hard!

Or you can just button up the first top buttons and leave the last button down untouched so the cowl will flare a bit over your shoulders:


Is all up to you, yeah? You’re the boss

Now get yourself some Colinette Point 5 and make your own cowl. The best part is that you are done with this project in just 2 hours!!!

a p5c5 wias6p5c6 a3

Thanks, Adrienne, for modeling and for “co-designing” this seed stitch cowl!

And for you, my dear reader, thanks for visiting once again and untill the next entry!



7 Responses to Free Pattern: Seed Stitch Cowl with Colinette Point 5

  1. sally says:

    look at that cute snoooood! Those girls modeling sure look familiar!
    We miss you Nancy…hope you are having a great trip.

  2. naomidagenbloom says:


    of course people would remember you at your former knit shop. i’ve held on to your card since ron and i came to Close Knit’s thursday circle in june.

    we’re back on the 26th for eight days…looks as if we’ll miss you when we visit next week’s circle? i’m bringing the Couvercle ( that i began with yarn from the store. it’s been converted, of course, into a Condom Amulet. hope to get photo of Adrienne wearing…sorry to miss one of you–another time.

    we’ll be back for longer time in the winter, so hope to see you then. love the phtos, btw.

    yours, naomi

  3. Sally, thank you!!! Yes, I am having a great trip!

    Naomi, sorry I won’t see you when you visit Pdx… next time! Say hi to Ron for me!

  4. jenni says:

    You are so darling. i can envision you and your excitement in reading these pages. you are missed and we will see you soon. enjoy all your time. had a dream last night i called you and wanted to talk to the daz for some reason. funny just remembered in righting this. sending love to you both.

  5. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Jenni HafaPenny!!! So good to hear from you!

    I can feel the love you are sending, girl… much appreciated..!

  6. Stashionista says:

    Hi Nancy! Sally’s email just reminded me to check out your wonderful blog. You have a gift for designing/knitting, yes–but even more importantly, you have a gift for connecting. Much needed/appreciated in good times and bad. Hope to see you soon, Naomi

  7. liz says:

    Just bought 2 remaindered hanks of Point 5 and was looking on the web for a free pattern and came across yours so am off to start knitting – once I have worked out what “seed stitch” is in UK English(OK – moss stitch). I’m always surprised by how different knitting in UK English is to knitting in US English! Has anyone compiled a dictionary?!

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