Where it all started


I am in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the moment! I am very happy to be here because right here in this city, I learned how to knit 2 years ago.

It is also here in this city where I set foot in my first yarnshop ever and where I purchased my first clover needles and my first yarn. And I vividly remember how super friendly, warm and welcoming everybody was in that cute cute yarnshop. All in all a perfectly safe environment for a newbie knitter that does not realize that you cannot knit a substantial scarf with only 33 yards of heavy worsted yarn…

A great yarnshop in Pittsburgh, PA : Ewe Can Knit

Just the other day, me and my husband walked down Woodstreet in downtown Pittsburgh to find a yarnshop called “Ewe Can Knit”. When I spotted it from accross the street, I almost peed my pants of excitement and squeezed my husband’s hand real hard.

“There it is!”, I shouted and I swear, my heart skipped a beat.


I have very fond memories of this yarnshop… Marlene, who runs the shop, was so incredibly nice to me back then, and I have always wanted to go back to her shop. I learned how to purl right there at Ewe Can Knit, and my teacher called Megan was so nice, patient and friendly!

I am very fortunate that my very first experience with a yarnshop has been such a wonderful one at Ewe Can Knit.

My very first yarn


My very first yarn that I bought at Ewe Can Knit was this wonderful pinkish yarn from the brand Polar. I made a scarf out of it and gave it to my friend Cartoon in the Netherlands.

How happy I was when Marlene still had that yarn for sale when I walked in her shop yesterday! And on top of that, it was 40% off. I was as happy as a little child, I tell ya, and purchased 3 balls of the pink and 3 balls of the white Polar.


I also purchased some buttons and #17 straight needles from the brand Bryspun. I had forgotten to bring my wooden ones, and I simply needed it for my latest projects (Colinette Point 5 Cowls). Whatyagonnado? When you need the needles, you simply need the needles… who cares if you end up with 3 pairs of the same needles in your needle arsenal?


Everybody still remembered me at Ewe Can Knit… They gave me such a nice and warm welcome back…

Whenever you happen to be in downtown Pittsburgh, YOU HAVE TO VISIT! Okay..? I assure you, you will not regret it…

Watcha working on, Nancy?

At this moment, I am working on so many things… It is very hard for me to stay focused! Luckily, I found a nice spot where I have free WiFi connection and where I can just sit and work for hours and hours without being booted out. Almost as nice like home at the Teashop…

Remember the Colinette Point 5 (HEEHUGE) yarn I was swatching? Well, last Thursday I showed my swatch to my co-worker Adrienne and I told her it was going to be a cowl. Methinks it tickled her fancy because she purchased the yarn right away and beat me to it! She finished the cowl!

Last Saturday we worked together and after work Adrienne brought me to the airport but first we did a quick photoshoot because I just have to show you what she made with the Colinette Point 5:


Don’t the colors look gorgious on her?

For those who like this project, hold on for just one more day because this pattern is going to be released tomorrow right here at Getting Purly With It. YAY!


One more thing

I am so excited, I am bouncing off the walls like a little rubber ball. I am so happy to be here in Pittsburgh, I am so happy to have this little vacation with my husband, I am so happy Ewe Can Knit is still in business and and and I am so happy because of so many reasons..!

The main thing for me right now is TO STAY FOCUSED. Because I have some stuff do to. Serious stuff. Like writing patterns. Sigh… I am not complaining though!

Today, I leave you with a bag my husband got me. Look at this:


Cute right? But wait, it gets really funny:


Cracks me up. For real.

Thank you for reading and untill the next entry!


6 Responses to Where it all started

  1. vanessa e says:

    love your blog! love your enthusiasm! makes me want to run over and grab my needles and knit ANYTHING!

  2. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Vanessa: Now THAT’s the spirit!!!!

  3. Kate W. says:

    Hi Nancy, we just met at Ewe Can Knit a few hours ago. I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you, and that I can’t wait to get together on Sunday!

  4. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Same here, Kate, a pleasure to meet you!

  5. Renna says:

    I love the bag! 😉 I am so amazed that you have only been knitting for two years.

  6. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Renna, I can truly say that I have been studying knitting thoroughly for the past 2 years… at least 6 hrs a day! No joke!

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