It’s Getting Chilly

Textured Tunic

This morning when I woke up, I noticed a change in the air… a chill ran down my spine, not out of fear, but out of pure delight for the change I detected were the very first signs of transition into cooler days.

I ran down the stairs and as the cold touch of the kitchen floor under my bare feet made me shiver, I smiled because I knew what I was going to wear today: my textured tunic I knitted last fall!

How I love wearing my sweater again…

Lutz and Patmos

Lutz and Patmos

Several weeks ago, I made some pictures of sweaters from a magazine for the blog. I did not pay much attention to the brand because I was distracted by the pricetag.

However, last night, the brand name certainly got my attention: Lutz & Patmos. I visited their website and I must say, I am really liking their knitwear designs. Go visit their website at

What do you think, shall I reverse engineer one of their designs..? I am certainly feeling their style, but I am certainly not financially strong enough to buy myself a 500 dollar sweater.

What am I working on?

My hands haven’t been idle for the last couple of weeks. I finished several little scarf projects, mainly samples for the store.

At this moment, I am working on a chique black 100% silk scarf for my neighbor and I am also working on yet another kimono top, only this time out of Rowan’s chunky Cocoon. It is going to function as a sample for a possible “design your own top workshop” which will be running at CloseKnit’s this fall.

Photos will follow soon…

Ready for Summer to end

Allthough I love Summer, I am so ready for it to end. It was fun, it was hot, we had great weather and beautiful flowers but my oh my, I soooo look forward to Autumn!

Cooler days, lots of yarn and knit knit knitting up sweaters!!! Oh yeah..

That’s it for today folks. As soon as I have my pictures ready, I will show you more in detail what I have been working on.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry…


One Response to It’s Getting Chilly

  1. Spark.Ling says:

    Ha die Nansky,
    Como estaKweet tis lang gelee!
    Kheb een lange mail naar jouw 2 mailadressen gestuurd, maar heb 1 melding gekregen dat 1 (van yaahoo) onbestelbaar is. Vandaar maar zo. Kheb genoten van jouw verhalen en je maakt errug mooie dingen.
    Veel liefs en brasas

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