My Classes this Fall

September 29, 2008

JK2 JK3 JK5 JK16 nank3

Have you seen all the classes that are taught at CloseKnit in Portland, Oregon? Adrienne has put together 28 (!) classes for this Fall!

I offer a few classes this season and I would like to tell you more about them, give you more indepth information.

For details about dates, hrs and fees, please visit CloseKnit’s Class page by clicking here.

Also, if you would like to sign up, please give CloseKnit a call or e-mail. You can find their details on their website!

For each of my classes I will give the number it is listed under on CloseKnit’s Class page so that you can find it quickly, okay?

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Tristan’s Scarf
(#11 on the class list)

JK16 DSC_4014 JK3

This is an excellent class for the new knitter who is comfortable with the knit stitch and the purl stitch and is now ready for some variation.

We are going to work with Misti Alpaca Chunky, which is super soft and a pleasure to work with.
Students can choose to make the long version or the short version (cowl) with buttons.

What you will learn:

  • Seed stitch
  • Variation of the seed stitch
  • Reading a knitting pattern
  • Reading your own knitting on the needles

It is a luscious and substantial scarf which will keep you or a loved one warm and cozy during the cold winter!

Luxurious Fingerless Glove “Sally” with Strap and Button
(#13 on the class list)


We are going to work with a luscious dk weight yarn called Suri Merino from the brand Blue Sky Alpacas, and make this cute fingerless glove. The strap and button gives it character and I am sure you will have lots of compliments when you wear these!

And no, these are not knitted in the round with dpns! These are knitted flat and then later on we seam them.

What you will learn:

  • Variation of the seed stitch
  • 1×1 ribbing with half twist
  • 1×1 ribbing with full twist
  • Picking up stitches
  • Seaming with the invisible mattrass technique

Who would have thought…all these techniques in this cute little glove!

Long Scalloped Fingerless Glove “Adrienne”
(#14 on the class list)


These long fingerless gloves are made with just one skein of Manos silk blend or with just one skein of Rowan’s Tapestry.

Scallops in this elegant glove are made by a sequence of certain stitches. If you are comfortable with the knit stitch and the purl stitch and so ready to do some knit gymnastics, then this is the class for you!

What you will learn:

  • how to keep in pattern with sequences of stitches
  • slip slip knit (ssk)
  • knit two together (k2tog)
  • knit in front and back of stitch (kfb)
  • Seaming with mattrass stitch technique

The pattern is offered for free on this blog, but those who need some guidance: please feel free to join this class!

Knitted Poppy Flowers
(#26 on the class list)


I am very happy with these cute little poppy flowers! They truly give me so much joy making them…

We will use either Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze or Kidsilk Aura, and we will use a sequence of stitches to create these cute little delights.

What to use them for? Hmmm… for embellishement, to beautify wonderfully wrapped gifts or just to keep your precious jewelry in!

nank5 poppy

Anyways, I think they are adorable and hope you will have funmaking these…

And again, these are knitted flat!

What you will learn:

  • slip slip knit (ssk)
  • knit two together (k2tog)
  • knit in front and back (kfb)

I would LOVE to have you in my classes!

So dear reader, if you are in the Portland area, and you have the time to take a class, please do! I really would LOVE to have you in one of my classes..! It’s going to be fun, I am sure…

For more information about dates, hrs and fees, please go to CloseKnit’s class page by clicking here. To sign up, give CloseKnit a call or send them an e-mail. All of their information is on their website!

I really do hope to see you at one of my classes, it sure would be a pleasure to meet you and to have some knitting fun with you!

Also, please make sure to check out all the other wonderful classes CloseKnit is offering. They are all so much fun and offered by wonderful wonderful teachers…

Thank you so much for reading and untill the next entry!

Not a Novice Knitter anymore…

September 28, 2008


Getting Purly With It

Adventures and Yarn Lustings of a Novice knitter

When I started this blog in april 2007, I certainly was a novice knitter. And untill recently I kept on believing that I still was a novice.

Methinks I have to rephrase my title. I ain’t no novice knitter no more.

Full Circle

It is here in Pittsburgh where I learned how to knit in February 2006. It is here in Pittsburgh where I fully admit and acknowledge that I no longer can be called a novice knitter.

I knit, teach knitting, design a little bit and write patterns. This does not mean I am there yet, there is still so much to learn, still so much to discover and I am ready to take it to the next level, whatever that may be.


I will go where ever the yarn and needles take me, I am an obedient follower and eager student!

So from this day on the title of this blog will read:

Getting Purly With It

Adventures and Yarn Lustings of a Passionate knitter


Whatcha working on, passionate knitter Nancy?


I have been a good girl. A very good girl! I have been pattern writing and test knitting.

And I have also been improving some patterns that were in the works. My Kidsilk Haze/Aura Poppy Flower is a project I never blogged about but has been in the works since last winter:


Next up are the fingerless gloves Sally. I have been working on them to get several sizes, S/M/L and I have been figuring out how to write the pattern as clearly as possible:


And here is a fine project which have the knitters at Ewe Can Knit simply go gaga. The black silk scarf which I am knitting for my neighbor. It is almost finished and I am very very pleased with it:


I am very happy that this scarf is evoking the reaction I wish it to evoke because I have had lots of trouble with knitting this black scarf… but I will save that for another blog post.

Besides these little projects I have been dabbling around with the Polar yarn I purchased at Ewe Can Knit. I am so attracted by this yarn. Don’t know exactly why. It just captures my attention:


And last but certainly not least, I picked up some Rowan Tapestry at Ewe Can Knit and promised the knitters that I would have a project all done and knit up by this Monday. I did not tell them what project, it is a surprise.


Tomorrow’s blog post is going to be all about the classes I am teaching this Fall at Close Knit’s in Portland, OR. All of the above mentioned projects are featured in my classes so check back tomorrow for more indepth information!

In love with my Poppy Flowers

I am so in love with my Poppy Flowers… It makes me happy just looking at them! Last night when I went to sleep, I took off my rings and placed them in one of the flowers. And when I woke up, I smiled from ear to ear when I saw my rings in that bright colored knitted cuteness…


Yes, knitting gives me that much joy.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!

Free Pattern: Seed Stitch Cowl with Colinette Point 5

September 24, 2008


I was playing around with some huge yarn called Colinette Point 5 and needle size US#19 and showed it to my co-worker Adrienne. She was immediately interested in the yarn, purchased some and two days later she presented me her version which you can see in the pictures. Sweet!


Unlike me, Adrienne chose to work with needle size #17 because she wanted a more dense and closer knit cowl. Seeing her cowl made me change to needle #17 too!


Allthough this very thick and thin yarn is totally out of my comfort zone, I have to admit that I really like it. The seed stitch gives it a very textural look and all the bright colors will surely liven up a dark winters day. Me like…

The pattern: all it takes is seed stitch!


I just finished one cowl and purchased some big buttons at Ewe Can Knit in Pittsburgh, PA to go with it and I am very satisfied with the way it turned out. I had so much fun making the cowl that I took some bright blue Colinette point 5 with me to make another one!

Are you ready? Let’s go:

Yarn: Just one skein of Colinette Point 5 Super Bulky
Needle size: US 17
Gauge: 7.5 stitches over 4 inches measured over seed stitch

Step 1:

With needle size US #17, cast on 15 stitches:


Step 2:

Row 1) K1 and then (P1, K1) till end of row

Step 3:

Repeat row 1 every row untill there are 60 inches of yarn left:


Step 4:

Cast of loosely and sew on 3 or 5 buttons at one side of your cowl. Just make sure that the buttons are not too big. If they are too big, than you will have to make buttonholes. I chose buttons that are just the right size so I that I did not have to make button holes. Just try if you can push the buttons in between the stitches easily and you will be fine.

Weave in all ends. How easy was that???? And so quick!!!! It took me and Andrienne only 2 hours to complete our projects.

Choosing the right buttons

I don’t know about you but my buttons have got to be just the right buttons!

As you can see in the very first picture, Adrienne decided to work with 3 very large buttons. Because they were a bit too large, Adrienne made button holes.

Me on the other hand, I am far too lazy to make button holes. So I picked up three buttons that are large but also narrow enough to push through my stitches.


You may not see it in the picture in which I am wearing the blue colored cowl, but there are no buttons. I am still on the hunt for just the right buttons for my blue cowl. I might decide to work with 3 large ones, or I might decide to work with 5 smaller ones.

How to wear your Super Bulky Seed Stitch Cowl?

You can button your cowl all the way up and simply burry your face in it and pull it up to cover your ears. Oh heavens when the cold really hits you hard!

Or you can just button up the first top buttons and leave the last button down untouched so the cowl will flare a bit over your shoulders:


Is all up to you, yeah? You’re the boss

Now get yourself some Colinette Point 5 and make your own cowl. The best part is that you are done with this project in just 2 hours!!!

a p5c5 wias6p5c6 a3

Thanks, Adrienne, for modeling and for “co-designing” this seed stitch cowl!

And for you, my dear reader, thanks for visiting once again and untill the next entry!


Where it all started

September 23, 2008


I am in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the moment! I am very happy to be here because right here in this city, I learned how to knit 2 years ago.

It is also here in this city where I set foot in my first yarnshop ever and where I purchased my first clover needles and my first yarn. And I vividly remember how super friendly, warm and welcoming everybody was in that cute cute yarnshop. All in all a perfectly safe environment for a newbie knitter that does not realize that you cannot knit a substantial scarf with only 33 yards of heavy worsted yarn…

A great yarnshop in Pittsburgh, PA : Ewe Can Knit

Just the other day, me and my husband walked down Woodstreet in downtown Pittsburgh to find a yarnshop called “Ewe Can Knit”. When I spotted it from accross the street, I almost peed my pants of excitement and squeezed my husband’s hand real hard.

“There it is!”, I shouted and I swear, my heart skipped a beat.


I have very fond memories of this yarnshop… Marlene, who runs the shop, was so incredibly nice to me back then, and I have always wanted to go back to her shop. I learned how to purl right there at Ewe Can Knit, and my teacher called Megan was so nice, patient and friendly!

I am very fortunate that my very first experience with a yarnshop has been such a wonderful one at Ewe Can Knit.

My very first yarn


My very first yarn that I bought at Ewe Can Knit was this wonderful pinkish yarn from the brand Polar. I made a scarf out of it and gave it to my friend Cartoon in the Netherlands.

How happy I was when Marlene still had that yarn for sale when I walked in her shop yesterday! And on top of that, it was 40% off. I was as happy as a little child, I tell ya, and purchased 3 balls of the pink and 3 balls of the white Polar.


I also purchased some buttons and #17 straight needles from the brand Bryspun. I had forgotten to bring my wooden ones, and I simply needed it for my latest projects (Colinette Point 5 Cowls). Whatyagonnado? When you need the needles, you simply need the needles… who cares if you end up with 3 pairs of the same needles in your needle arsenal?


Everybody still remembered me at Ewe Can Knit… They gave me such a nice and warm welcome back…

Whenever you happen to be in downtown Pittsburgh, YOU HAVE TO VISIT! Okay..? I assure you, you will not regret it…

Watcha working on, Nancy?

At this moment, I am working on so many things… It is very hard for me to stay focused! Luckily, I found a nice spot where I have free WiFi connection and where I can just sit and work for hours and hours without being booted out. Almost as nice like home at the Teashop…

Remember the Colinette Point 5 (HEEHUGE) yarn I was swatching? Well, last Thursday I showed my swatch to my co-worker Adrienne and I told her it was going to be a cowl. Methinks it tickled her fancy because she purchased the yarn right away and beat me to it! She finished the cowl!

Last Saturday we worked together and after work Adrienne brought me to the airport but first we did a quick photoshoot because I just have to show you what she made with the Colinette Point 5:


Don’t the colors look gorgious on her?

For those who like this project, hold on for just one more day because this pattern is going to be released tomorrow right here at Getting Purly With It. YAY!


One more thing

I am so excited, I am bouncing off the walls like a little rubber ball. I am so happy to be here in Pittsburgh, I am so happy to have this little vacation with my husband, I am so happy Ewe Can Knit is still in business and and and I am so happy because of so many reasons..!

The main thing for me right now is TO STAY FOCUSED. Because I have some stuff do to. Serious stuff. Like writing patterns. Sigh… I am not complaining though!

Today, I leave you with a bag my husband got me. Look at this:


Cute right? But wait, it gets really funny:


Cracks me up. For real.

Thank you for reading and untill the next entry!

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

September 15, 2008


I have been stepping out of my comfort zone lately… In more than one way. And I have proof. Photography proof. And knitted items proof. So let’s get to it, I have been so looking forward to write this blog post!!!

Scouting for models

A couple of weeks ago, I told my husband how I was dying to ask some people to model for me but I did not have the courage to approach them. My husband then told me about a documentary he had seen about a photographer who wanted to shoot some pictures of a village where illegal plants were grown. The photographer got over his fear, approached the villagers, asked for permission to shoot pictures and … got a “yes” for an answer.

“Get over your fear, Nancy”, my husband gently advised me. “Step out of your comfort zone and do your thing.”

I took his advice to heart and these pictures of Jade and Kassandra wearing my knitted designs came to fruition:

Jade wearing a variegated black and grey cowl with buttons:


Kassandra wearing an off white cowl with buttons:


In the next photo, Jade wears my fingerless gloves “Adrienne”, made with long variegation of earth tone colors:


And in this photo, Kassandra is wearing my fingerless gloves “Sally”:


Regular readers of this blog will remember that I designed “Adrienne” back in December of last year. Fingerless glove “Sally” I also designed back in December of last year.

Also, remember that green moss scarf I designed for my brother Tristan? In my last blog post, you saw Luis wearing the scarf. In this picture, Jade is wearing the same design scarf, but in a different color:


Sigh… I feel so blessed that Jade and Kassandra agreed to model for me… They were such troopers. You must know that these picture were taken very early on a Sunday morning. The night before the girls had been out drinking and I betcha they had a bit of a hangover. They did not complain once. They even apologized for being a bit late. And all I kept thinking was sheesh… how LUCKY am I to have these beauties model for me…

We made lots of other photos that day. Keep on checking back!

Stepping out of my comfort zone with regard to yarn

I usually work with finer gauge yarns and more than once, I cringe just looking at chunky and bulky gauge yarns. Needle size bigger than US11? No way!

But guess what… I have been working with super bulky yarns and needle sizes US15 and US19 and I simply LOVE it!

The results are the cowls with buttons which Kassandra and Jade are wearing and just a few days ago I made a swatch with Colinette Point 5:

Colinette Point 5

Colinette Point 5 b

It’s freakin’ HUGE yarn! I cannot believe I am actually working with it!

More details to come

You might wonder with what yarn I made the cowls. Hold on, be patient, more details will follow. I planned on having the cowl patterns and Tristan’s scarf pattern to be issued in this week, but alas, I have been so busy lately and just did not have the energy to do any knitting let alone WRITING a pattern.

Heck, I did not even have the energy to write a blog post…

I will be traveling to Pittsburgh, PA, next week and that means no work in the yarnshop for 2 whole weeks. That does not mean my hands will be idle, though. I will be working hard on writing out patterns, editing pictures, getting everything in a pdf file, going to Kinko’s to print out patterns and what not. And this time, I am actually going to ask money for all of my hard work!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!

Photography: Nancy Ricci
Knitting: Nancy Ricci

Models: Jade and Kassandra
Hair: Kassandra Sommerville, the Ginger Suite
Make Up: Kassandra Sommerville, the Ginger Suite

Pondering photography with models

September 4, 2008


Every now and then, I play around with my camera. Just for fun, a photo here, a photo there, and lo and behold, I may use it for my blog.

I mostly take pictures of flowers, yarn, knitting projects and finished projects in which I myself model the garment. Not an easy task because nobody is taking my picture when I pose for the camera. It is just me, the camera on self timer and my beloved tripod.

Nobody takes my picture, I do it all myself. Which is getting quite annoying so I have been thinking of using models in the future.

Photo shoot with a model

Last year I did some photography with a beautiful model, my friend LuLu. I was very very nervous that day because I never had done a photoshoot before and LuLu and me did not know eachother at the time. But luckily, it all went well and we made some good pictures.

DSC_0334 DSC_0461

Just between you and me, I really did not know what the hell I was doing that day. I was just playing and dabbling around with the camera. LuLu was very nice and that helped a lot!

Photography for knitting patterns

If I am to put out knitting patterns, I would love to make some nice pictures with of my knitted items. Of course I would love to have a model to my liking too. Not your fancy, toothpick model. I would love to photograph “real” people. Every day people. People that are my friends.

Meet my kind friend Luis. In this photo he’s wearing a scarf and fingerless mittens I made for my brother Tristan:


I took pictures of Luis back in January of this year. Me and Luis were both a bit nervous, I remember. He had never modeled before, and I, eh, I was just shooting pics randomly.


Ladies, ahem, isn’t Luis adorable..? Handsome young man and so incredibly kind! Look at him inspecting my knitting…

Putting out patterns not that easy

I have been thinking to put out patterns through CloseKnit. Little patterns like scarves, fingerless mittes and such. You know, just little things in which the whole process will not overwhelm me.

People have been asking me when I am going to put out sweater patterns. And this is what I have to say about it:

First of all, it takes a whole lot of work to actually design and knit the pattern. Then comes the whole writing part. Apart from this I will need to hire a tech editor and test knitters. And I have to pay all these people. And the yarn, I have to provide the yarn.

And then comes the photography!

Costly, people. Time consuming and costly. I am not ready for that yet.

Let’s start with little things, eh? I am comfortable with that. Just give me some time.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry.

It’s Getting Chilly

September 1, 2008

Textured Tunic

This morning when I woke up, I noticed a change in the air… a chill ran down my spine, not out of fear, but out of pure delight for the change I detected were the very first signs of transition into cooler days.

I ran down the stairs and as the cold touch of the kitchen floor under my bare feet made me shiver, I smiled because I knew what I was going to wear today: my textured tunic I knitted last fall!

How I love wearing my sweater again…

Lutz and Patmos

Lutz and Patmos

Several weeks ago, I made some pictures of sweaters from a magazine for the blog. I did not pay much attention to the brand because I was distracted by the pricetag.

However, last night, the brand name certainly got my attention: Lutz & Patmos. I visited their website and I must say, I am really liking their knitwear designs. Go visit their website at

What do you think, shall I reverse engineer one of their designs..? I am certainly feeling their style, but I am certainly not financially strong enough to buy myself a 500 dollar sweater.

What am I working on?

My hands haven’t been idle for the last couple of weeks. I finished several little scarf projects, mainly samples for the store.

At this moment, I am working on a chique black 100% silk scarf for my neighbor and I am also working on yet another kimono top, only this time out of Rowan’s chunky Cocoon. It is going to function as a sample for a possible “design your own top workshop” which will be running at CloseKnit’s this fall.

Photos will follow soon…

Ready for Summer to end

Allthough I love Summer, I am so ready for it to end. It was fun, it was hot, we had great weather and beautiful flowers but my oh my, I soooo look forward to Autumn!

Cooler days, lots of yarn and knit knit knitting up sweaters!!! Oh yeah..

That’s it for today folks. As soon as I have my pictures ready, I will show you more in detail what I have been working on.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry…