Back into the Knitting Groove


I haven’t talked about yarn and knitting for the past several entries so I suggest we jump right in, yes?

Fall is a comin’

Last week, we got slammed by some yarn that Sally had ordered for Fall. Sally ordered so much colors of Manos that my head was about to explode! I could feel the creative juices flowin’. I am so going to get me several skeins and knit me a bag. I am thinking felted bag!


Also, a lot of Misti Alpaca Chunky came in and I snatched a beautiful red heathery color and am knitting up the same scarf I made for my brother last winter. It is going to be a store sample and I am going to be teaching a class with this scarf. I am excited!


Next up is Karabella’s SuperYak yarn. It is so yummy and fluffy and soft! I am knitting up a little swatch and am now ready to wash it and see how it gets even more fluffly. Delicioso.


Last but not least, some 100% silk yarn with little silk dots. Look:


This is so out of my comfort zone but there is something about this yarn that encaptures me. I knit a little swatch and pressed it with a hot iron and this is how it came out:

Interesting, eh? I am intrigued. Oh it is vegetable dyed, with logwood, by Catherine van Laake who used to live in Portland. It is kind of weird, but I kind of like it!

Inspiration Board September

The Vogue September (mind you, I am not talking about Vogue Knitting here) is out. I got a copy, browsed and tore out the pages I liked best. I cannot show you all the pages that I liked so I took pictures of the ones I really really liked.

In this picture, I very much like the neckline, assymetrical but not messy:
Vogue sept 08 1

Often times, when I see a garment that I like, I am cracking my brains how to translate it into knitting. This piece got my attention:

Vogue sept 08 2

How about a simple knitted bag? Some chunky yarn and there ya go:
Vogue sept 08 4

Ooooh, don’t ya just love the sweater this model is wearing..? I so want to make it:

Vogue sept 08 3

This model’s coat looks like it came straight from the sheep. I like it:
Vogue sept 08 5

Last but not least… look at her wrap. Stylin’… I can so see that knitted up…:

Vogue sept 08 6

Allright, that is it for now. I am going to be mad busy knitting these coming weeks. My head is bursting with ideas and I just cannot wait to start the projects that I am pondering about.

Ah, feels so good to be back into my knitting groove!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!

4 Responses to Back into the Knitting Groove

  1. Alex says:

    So. Much. Beautiful. Yarn. Thank goodness it’s on a screen and not in front of me. I can’t afford to buy yarn because I’m back in school again.

    That textured silk yarn reminds me of Habu.

    I love the last wrap on your inspiration board. Like a large version of a keyhole scarf. I’m not fabulous enough to pull it off, though.

  2. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Alex, that yarn actually IS from Habu. I think Catherine ordered her supplies from them and then natural dyed it herself. Pretty cool.

    Isn’t that wrap just fabulous? Not sure if I would wear it myself but just figuring out how to knit that would be so much fun…

    Ah, back in school, eh? I want to go back to school too… KNITTING SCHOOL!

  3. spider says:

    ooohh! love the things you chose from vogue!

  4. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Thanks, Spider, I was drooling when I flipped through Vogue!

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