Intimidated by Opportunity


For the past year and a half I have been extremely intimidated by a 25 ft by 35 ft blank canvas that is my backyard. You see, I am a totall inner city girl, have always lived in appartments and have absolutely no experience with gardening.

Will you believe me that I rarely have set foot in my backyard? I simply did not want to acknowledge it was there. It intimidated me… beyond belief.

And why? Here I am, with a pretty decent sized backyard, and all I can do is be scared of it. How silly.

Seizing the opportunity to beautify

It was my colleague Jenni who encouraged me to sit in my backyard and dream about how beautiful I could make it. “Just be in your garden, Nancy”, she advised me. “Just go and dream.”

And so I did…

When Jenni suprised me with a beautiful pink Hydrangea and two sweet little Lavender plants, my urge to dig in the soil had been awakened.

So, my dear reader, that is what this knitter has been doing for the past few weeks. Dreaming about a beautiful garden, learning about soil, buying garden tools, and finally, digging untill my whole body was sore.

Visitor from New York City

Also these past couple of weeks, we had a visitor over from New York City. Our free spirited and artist friend Mehdi aka Action Figure James Nice, kept us occupied.

mehdi 022
Art piece by Mehdi

Mehdi’s visit brought back memories of our time in New York City and the adventures we encountered back then. It was one of the most magical and most cherished time of my life. More about this episode in my life in the next entry..!

As for knitting

Needless to say I have been so busy, I barely had time to knit! However, I did manage to get a cashmere project going which I will finish in the next few days.

What project you may wonder? Ah… you know me… I always have to make something twice. So guess what it is…


Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


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