Not a Fashionista


Back in the Netherlands, my friends would always shake their heads and lament over my clothing. More than once they would beg me to please please please get a bra that actually fits. And I vividly remember how one of my friends forbade me to buy T-shirts, because I had too many in my wardrobe.

I simply couldn’t care less… But that was then.

Then came knitting

I have never been interested in making clothing. Come to think of it, I have never been really interested in fashion at all and certainly not haute couture. And then came knitting…

Knitting made me look at clothing in a whole different way. And it all began when I made my choli without a pattern. A whole new world opened up to me! The engineering of the choli pulled me into the world of knitting engineering and I have been totally hooked ever since.

Most of all I am interested in getting techniques down. Once you realize how increases and decreases work, oh boy, the whole shaping thing is at your feet!

One self designed garment let to another one, and then another one….

Lately, I have taken an interest in garments and especially garment construction. Night after night I am browsing the internet for websites that interest me and I have found several blogs that I frequent every single day now.

Some interesting links…

A dress a day : This blog is mainly about vintage dresses and a lot of times the writer gives out so many wonderful links to other blogs.

Zuburbia : I found this blog through “A dress a day”, and I am very taken by the beautiful vintage desinger pieces. Through this site I found a lot of designers that I had never heard of and I very much like their style. One of the designers I find very interesting is Azzedine Alaia.

Designers Block : While googling the net for Azzedine Alaia, I stumbled upon this blog. It is simply wonderful. It touches style, fashion, furniture and also yarn at times. Beautiful pictures and a lot so it may take a while to download but totally worth it in my opinion.

The Sartorialist: The photographer and writer of this blog captures people on the street with their own personal style. It is often times very inspiring to me.

Finding my own “style”

Lately I have been asking myself the question what my “style” is. If I am to put out a pattern, what would I like it to be? What yarn am I attracted to? What garments do I like best? What type of garment am I most drawn to?

More and more I am very taken by minimalist design. The less whistles and bells it has, the more I tend to like it.

How about you?

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


4 Responses to Not a Fashionista

  1. Alex says:

    Simple = classic. Which means wearability over several years instead of one season, and more bang for your buck.

    What are you working on now, I wonder?

  2. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Alex, currently just doing some swatching and a lot of browsing still!

  3. raisethevibe says:

    Hi Nancy!!!! I like simple styles that transend time and trend…that compliment the body. YOU really hit it for you with Mata Hari~~~~~

  4. gettingpurlywithit says:

    Thanks, Chayo!!!!

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