Invigorating Forests


It is hot at the moment in Portland… very hot. How happy I was when knitter friend Eileen invited me to hike down Salmon river over at the Mount Hood area!

What beautiful nature we are fortunate to dwell in… truly beautiful. And we are so lucky to have this on planet Earth.


The next day, another friend of mine, Chayo, invited me to take a stroll in Forest Park. She wanted to show me her favorite meditation spot:


I took the picture while sitting on a rock… and oh my, the energy over there is just so invigorating!

Thank you so much my precious friends…nature is truly beautiful.

As for knitting

After the slight disappointment of my previous project, I quickly moved on to another one. I simply cannot stand the orange any longer and when I saw this at Sally’s, I was mesmerized:


It is a dk weight bamboo by Farmhouse yarns called Bonnie’s Bamboo. The Ivory colorway stole my heart and I quickly cooked up a tunic design with a tiny bit of lace.

DSC_5764 IF6

I know, it is yet another tunic, but you know what? I just love tunics… It really works well for me! I hope this one will turn out satisfactory.

This tunic will have a base A-line only with a bit more decreases at the waist. It is going to be an easy, slightly boring knit, but this is just perfect because while knitting this simple project, I am cooking up other designs with bamboo yarn. It is very entertaining to me, I dream away while my knitting needles make that soothing clickety-clack sound.

How I love knitting… My word, how I love it.


Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


3 Responses to Invigorating Forests

  1. Alex says:

    Ah ha, bamboo, the next summer fiber.

    We have a Forest Park in St. Louis too, but it doesn’t look like that. It’s more…urban…even though it’s called “Forest” park. =)

  2. Cshell says:

    Ahh…tunics, haven’t thought about knitting them. But the length would finally be correct. VERY good idea. Thank you for inspiration. Do you know of any boatneck tunics, really simple? I will do a search, don’t bother yourself. But thanks again. GREAT idea!
    Cindy (re-teaching herself to knit)

  3. Marianne says:

    I can see why she loves this as a meditation post ! It looks so peaceful !
    Wished we had a place like that over here, it’s getting more crowded here by the year in the “Randstad”

    Het bamboo garen ziet er geweldig uit op de foto’s, de kleuren zijn ook heel mooi !

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