Cute Design, Wrong Fiber


I finished my Bamboo Summer Top… and I am not happy with the outcome. The design may be cute, however, the bamboo fiber I chose to work with is very beautiful but simply not the right fiber for this particulair design.

First of all, though I love the color of this bamboo yarn and I loved working with this color. But to actually wear it? Eh, not my cup of tea.

Secondly, though it looks kind of cute at first sight, I stronly have the feeling that I am not doing the bamboo any justice. The design is simply too fitted for this beautiful bamboo that so wants to drape! I have the feeling that I am forcing the bamboo into a design in which it simply cannot bloom and be itself.

Bamboo is cracking my brain


Ah, this bamboo thing is cracking my brain. In a good way! It is challenging me to find a different design for it. I am up for the challenge and simply cannot wait to write up a pattern which will be excellent for bamboo’s drape…

I don’t think I will work with the same orange bamboo again. I will choose a different bamboo yarn, with a color that is more suitable for me to wear.

What I will do with this particular one I knitted up, you might wonder?

Rippit, rippit, rippit… to the frogpond it goes!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


3 Responses to Cute Design, Wrong Fiber

  1. vanessa e says:

    i love that you are willing to find the ideal pattern to bring out the beauty in each fiber! many would not be as patient or willing as you are. i think it’s wonderful… and the top is terrific whether you choose to keep it or not. I am excited to see what you end up making from the bamboo!!

  2. Alex says:

    Hmm, I wonder what kind of project would be best suited for the bamboo’s drapiness. A looser, lacy type top?

  3. Kimberly says:

    I agree a lacy type pattern may work better. Although I love the color on you, it is so rich. At least in the pictures it looks to be. Well I guess it is trial and error, yes?

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