Handspun Morning Mist


Last week we set out for a little trip to the Oregon coast. I was so incredibly excited and was just jumping up and down in the car seat like a little child. We staid the night at the the coast and during an early morning walk I day dream about handspun morning mist…

Early Morning Mist

How I love early morning walks… The quiet energy just after sunrise has a certain serenity to it. No one is up yet, except me, and the world around me is in total peace.

And how beautiful the world is when you find yourself high up on a cliff, surrounded by tall trees that play hide and seek in the morning mist. As I walk down the hill trying to get to the beach, I am struck by how gently and soothingly the grey mist touches my skin.


If I would have felt frustrated or stressed out about a certain situation, I am sure this gentle touch on my skin, would have eased my worried mind.

How I wish I could walk around with a little basket, reach out with my hand into the air and collect big flufs of mist, as if it were roving. I would then take my basket full of fluffy early morning mist to my spinning wheel and I would spin up the finest, most fluffiest lace weight yarn ever.

The color of my yarn would be light grey and I would knit a lace shawl with it. And every time I would drape the shawl over my shoulders it would take me back to that early morning walk high up on a cliff, somewhere at the Oregon coast.

As I slip out of the realm of my imagination back into reality, I hear the roaring sound of breaking waves and watch the mist solidify into little dewdrops.


Little treasures

I bumped into a fine little treasure:


It is a booklet called: “Dress Decoration and Ornament”, published by Women’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Science, Inc.

Guess in what year this little baby was printed? 1925!

I will leave you with some pictures from this booklet:


What a find…published in 1925!


Thank you for reading and untill the next entry!


2 Responses to Handspun Morning Mist

  1. Alex says:

    Handspun pearl grey laceweight…sounds wonderful. Maybe you’ll have to go to a fiber festival to find it.

    The pictures from that book show such elegant designs. If only I were tall and long-legged, to pull such things off.

  2. Renna says:

    Nancy, you ‘spin’ a delightful story! 🙂

    1925 was the year my dad was born. It’s interesting to see what styles his mom might have worn then.

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