My First Sewing Project: a Bandana


Fabric? Check.
Scissors? Check.
Thread? Check.
Iron and ironboard? Check.
Sewing machine Pfaff Hobby 1142 …? Check! Woohoo!

A little while ago I came across a beautiful little piece of fabric at my neigborhood fabric store called Bolt. Allthough I did not know what to make with it, I took it home because I really liked the print:


Now, several months later, I am so happy to have made something with it! My first sewing project: a bandana…


It was surprisingly easy, I must say. I just took a bandana I already had, put it on my piece of fabric and just lined it out while making sure I add an inch for hemming and cut cut cut I went.

Then I simply folded the edges once and ironed a sharp crease for the hemline and repeated that once more. And then I just sewed it together. Really… it was that easy!

Appreciating the simplicity of knitting

While I was making my first tiny little sewing project, it occured to me how many tools were needed: scissors, iron board, iron, and sewing machine. Before I could get started with sewing, I had to thread the bobbin, then thread the machine, then bring up the bobbin thread.

This whole proces of this little tiny sewing project made me realize how simple knitting is: just two sticks and some strands and off you go. No fuzz…

But then again, I was very much taken by the instant gratification of my bandana project. In less than an hour it was finished…


Thank you for reading and untill the next entry!


4 Responses to My First Sewing Project: a Bandana

  1. Marianne says:

    That’s a nice first project !
    I see have a sewing machine now too, you won’t regret that !
    Consider this more as a crafting blog than as a knitting blog, personally I love to see what others are creating, no matter what 🙂

    Als je de naaimachine eenmaal leert kennen zal je zien hoe snel je het oppikt, het is net als met breien, je begint met iets simpels en dan durf je stteds meer.
    Fijn dat je zo’n leuke stoffenwinkel hebt gevonden waar je goed wordt geholpen !

  2. Renna says:

    The possibilities with sewing are far more vast than with knitting, so it certainly has it’s merit; yet, I do love the simplicity of knitting of which you spoke.

    I think what made me want to knit more than just about anything is the fact that I hate waiting. Whether I’m in a doctor’s office, waiting on an appointment, sitting in the car while Hubby’s in an auto part’s store, whatever, I about go nuts just ‘sitting’. Knitting serves me well for that purpose. 😉

    The bandana is really pretty, Nancy, and you look adorable in it! With your ingenuity and creative talent, I suspect you’ll be cranking out designer looking duds in no time at all. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Congratulations on your first project!

  4. Alex says:

    You finally have a sewing machine!

    Lovely, lovely fabric.

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