Flirting with Sewing


Right next to the yarnshop CloseKnit is a fabric store called Bolt… I have walked by this hip little fabric store a million times this past year but never gave it any attention, nor did I have the desire to even peek my head into it. It simply did not interest me…

However, since several weeks, I have been shyly visiting Bolt. It began with gazing at the many bolts of beautiful, mostly cotton fabrics. Then after a while I felt confident enough to touch some of the material and soon enough I started to buy little pieces of fabric.


The ladies that work at Bolt have been so incredibly nice to me! Always happily answering all kinds of questions that I have, telling me their story of when and how they become sewers and guiding me through all the bolts of fabric. Because of their enthusiasm, and the beautiful material Bolt carries, I started to even buy more fabric.

FwS2 FwS3 FwS4

Sigh… what to do, what to do? The next step is of course buying a sewing machine…

But I digress… after all, this is a knitting blog, eh?

As for knitting

Nothing much to report, really… I finished the swatch with Karabella’s 100% laceweight ribbon, interesting to knit with for sure! But it is not particularly talking to me.


The silk feels awesome though, I am glad I could swatch it up! And besides that, I have never seen such fine ribbon laceweight and a 100% silk no less.

The Kimono Shawl

My new found love is steadily growing… It looks like a blob of nothing, but man oh man, let me tell ya, I simply cannot wait to get to the blocking stage. I am drooling just by the mere thought of how the lace stitches will bloom in front of my eyes… And that, my dears, is what keeps me going on this lace project.


Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


3 Responses to Flirting with Sewing

  1. Renna says:

    As readily as you took to knitting, Nancy, I’ve no doubt you’ll become an expert seamstress in no time at all! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I have a sewing machine that I don’t use. It’s certainly nothing fancy, but it’d get you by until you get a better idea of exactly what you want/need. You are welcome to it. Just let me know if you want it and I can drop it by the shop some day.

  3. Alex says:

    You can call it a “crafting” blog. Even though I am primarily a knitter, I am utterly fascinated with sewing projects.

    Now if I could only find a lovely little non-chain store sewing shop!

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