Feeling happy at CloseKnit


Ever since I started to work at the yarnshop CloseKnit on Alberta Street last Summer, I have been contemplating writing about it. I decided not to, but Frank’s death made me come out of the “CloseKnit closet”. On a much lighter note, more and more I feel the need to write about snippets of my working days at CloseKnit.

So from now on, every once in a while, I will write about the beautiful people and beautiful yarn I have the pleasure to interact with at CloseKnit.

A Friday at CloseKnit

I was so happy to be going to work again after being ill for several days! Last Friday was my first day back and allthough I had a slight headache during the day, I thoroughly enjoyed being back at the shop and being surrounded by an abundance of yarn.

It was a steady day at the shop, customers browsing and petting yarn, a knitting question here, and crochet question there.


I was pleased to see one of our regular customers called Gail, with who I always have inspirational conversations. Every now and then, Gail treats us with a cup of tea from the Teashop and so she did last Friday.

While I was enjoying my tea, I watched Gail and some other ladies browsing through all kinds of yarn. Every single one of them was enchanted by all the soft and squishy yarns and they all were in their own little space, dreaming about future projects, I bet.

Then, suddenly, one of the ladies made a loud sighing sound as if she just fell in love with an adorable little skein of yarn. All ladies looked up from their own thoughts in recognition; don’t we all sigh like that once we find that perfect one little skein?

Whereas just a minute ago, everyone was in their own little space, now everybody started to talk to each other, showing eachother this and that yarn, this and that book and sharing yarn stories.

Me? I was still sipping my tea, and as I watched these ladies bond with eachother against the backdrop of an abundance of yarn, I truly felt happy and smiled.

As for knitting

I haven’t been knitting much due to having been not well this past week! My brains are still a bit of a mess, so patternwriting is still on hold.

Instead, I managed to knit another Portia hat. This Portia hat is for a young lady named Kassandra who first came into the shop several months ago.

After helping her at the shop several times, we started to chat and I soon found out that Kassandra is a hairstylist.

As soon as Kassandra saw me wearing my Portia hat, she fell in love with it! She wanted the same hat, but is too busy at the moment to knit one. I on my turn, need a haircut so bad…

FO Portia2

Tomorrow is my hair appointment and I am going to ask Kassandra if I can take a picture of her wearing her Portia hat!

Thank you so much for reading and untill the next entry…


6 Responses to Feeling happy at CloseKnit

  1. Renna says:

    Nancy, if I lived near a lovely sounding yarn shop like CloseKnits, you’d probably end up sick of me, ’cause I’d want to be there all the time. You make it sound so inviting. Aside from your obvious knitting skills, you have such a talent for arranging words. I felt like I was there sipping tea with you, watching the shoppers delighting in the yarn. 🙂

  2. vanessa e says:

    it’s so wonderful to get such delight from your job! and when your job isn’t a place you HAVE to be, but look forward to going to! hooray for closeknits. if i am ever in your city I will visit there.

  3. Marianne says:

    What a wonderful job at such a wonderful place ! It looks so cozy with the comfortable chairs and ALL those lovely yarns, I wished I could come visit !
    You probably would have to drag me out at closing time LOL.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Het was hier een echt ouderwetse Konininnedag, fris met zo nu en dan een bui en natuurlijk met een oranje tompouce, mmmm.

  4. sally says:

    Nancy …you are a poet. What a pleasure to read your blog and work with you!

  5. Alex says:

    All that beautiful yarn displayed in such a cozy way. Inspiring.

    Hooray for community and finding that one skein (that will probably end up in the stash as a pet, never to be knitted). =)

  6. Gail says:

    Nancy, I hadn’t read this blog yet when I came in yesterday. Yesterday I wasn’t calmly drinking tea and sharing and petting yarn. I was guzzling tea and complaining about my obsession with yarn and my growing stash being a bit overwhelming. Your reassurances that many knitters are obsessed, “don’t feel guilty . . . As long as you’re having fun . . .” sunk in as I reflected later. Thanks to your calming comments I am back to having fun. I loved the experience of your helping me select colors last week. I’m looking forward to playing with those colors again this week,no guilt, just fun. You are delightful to be around. I was glad to see others comment that if they had the opportunity to visit “you’d probably get sick of me”. I wonder if you feel that way about me and then as I’m leaving you say,”So nice to see you again.” and I decide to believe you. Thank you for your blog, your help and your positive presence in our community. Gail

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