Knitting in Solitude


After I posted “a Day in the Bubblehood” a few days ago, I received comments from 2 knitters (Vanessa and Marianne) who told me that often times they knit in solitude.

Their comments made me pause and transported me to a lonely time in my recent past. I realized that loneliness and solitude where my two best friends just around the time I learned how to knit. In fact, in my loneliest moments, I picked up my knitting needles for the first time. This was only 2 years ago.

In one of my very first blog posts, I tried to convey how I felt during that time…

I chose to knit back then, because I was lonely and needed something to kill time with. And oh, what a sweet sweet choice it was. More over, I would have never imagined that knitting would bring me so many friends and even a job in a yarnstore!

Anyways, today I would like to share some links with you. Links to blogs and a podcast which have kept me company during my loneliest knitting moments.

Podcast Cast On by Brenda Dayne
This wonderful production by knitter Brenda Dayne is done so professionally! From the very first moment I heard her show, I was simply hooked.
I very much enjoy her beautifully written essays, her sweater stories, the music that she plays and just… just… well everything!
Click here to visit her!

See Eunny Knit
This is one of my all time favorite knitting blogs! I would go and see what Eunny was up to every week. With her work, Eunny encouraged and inspired me to knit lace. I love her elegant style and feminine touch.

Eunny does not blog anymore though. She became the editor of Interweave Knits! But her blog is chockfull of good information and tutorials.
To visit her blog, click here.

Knitspot by Anne Hanson
I found Anne Hanson’s blog called Knitspot way back when I asked for help in the forum of KnittersReview. I found that Anne is a wonderful knit designer and she is so incredibly nice. Every time I would leave her a comment, she would write me back. I really became very fond of her. I think she’s a very classy lady.
To visit her blog Knitspot, click here.
When I was a very newbie knitter, I would go to Amy Finlay’s website all the time! With her tutorial videos, Amy demistifies all kinds of techniques! I learned so much from her and I ocassionally would ask questions in the forums.
Go give a try by clicking here.

Knitter’s Review
I got so many nice tips and great help in this website called Knitter’s Review by Clara H. Parkes. I would especially hang out in the Lace Forum and everybody treated me so well. Not once was I laughed at by my silly questions. Every single knitter in that forum has been extremely kind and helpfull to me.
Click here, to visit Knitter’s Review!

Other wonderful blogs

Ever since I have started my own blog, I have had the pleasure to meet many other bloggers. To name a few: Blackbunny is Knitting, Knittoo, Languidly Knitting, The Bag Lady and the Pro, Westerly Whimsies, Finding my Knitch, Wild Hare and so much more!!!

Also, I have been frequenting blogs in the realm of sewing… Check these ladies out:

Life Happens Be Positive by Toya, Real Life: Live & Unscripted by Adrienne and Couture and Tricot by Tany.

And last but certainly not least, lately I have been listening to Sister Diane’s Podcast called “CraftyPod”. Sister Diane shows me that there is a whole lot more than knitting out there in the crafty world. I simply love her shows.

Isn’t internet the best..?

As for knitting in solitude, I still do that often and I kind of like it. I love hanging out and share ideas with other crafters but I very much appreciate my time alone too. I guess I have always been that way.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


5 Responses to Knitting in Solitude

  1. Renna says:

    How sweet of you to include me in your post, Nancy. I sometimes feel like a knitting hypocrite, with my knitting skills not being that advanced yet, but I do love to knit! 😉

    I do the majority of my knitting in solitude. I do join with a local (small) group of knitters once a week. I thoroughly enjoy the comraderie and the bond that has formed among us, but I always take a super simple project to knit when I’m there, as I get distracted easily by the conversations, and end up making mistakes if there’s any counting involved.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog!

    I will be checking out those sewing blogs…not quite yet though because I might feel jealous instead of inspired.

    Isn’t it interesting how a craft can become such a large part of your life in a relatively short period of time?

  3. Marianne says:

    So sweet of you to have mentioned my blog too 🙂
    Thanks for pointing out the podcast blog, I will be checking that out regularly !

  4. Becky says:

    I re-taught myself to knit while my husband was away on a 6-month temporary assignment. I had so much time by myself in the evenings and there was only so much I could watch on the tv. That was 3.5 years ago now.

  5. vanessa e says:

    i agree, it is hard to imagine knitting without the internet. not just to meet new knitters and share finished projects, but to find answers to questions and info on products in no time! besides the basics (which i learned from my mom) I taught myself everything else i need to know about knitting from consulting the internet and books. makes it seem a little less like a solo experience at times…

    i look forward to diving into all these good links! thanks.

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