Which swatch will speak to her..?

Leaf Tags

My mother in law, Christine, is going to be so surprised. Yesterday, I prepared a little package for her filled with three swatchy gifts.

Rather than just going ahead and knit her a shawl with a stitch pattern I choose for her, I want her to be involved in the creative journey and make it all a special experience.

So I tagged the three swatches with leaf shaped notes and wrapped each swatch individually in tissue paper with the leaf tags hanging out.

Little Swatchy Gifts

I am so excited by this and I sure do hope she genuinly likes one of the swatches.

Off to New York her package went today!

Tristan’s glove


It looks better…way better now! I knitted the glove in the round (upper glove in pictures below) and there are no bulky seams.


I also did the ribbing part on needle size US 8 and the body part on US 9 which gives it a more tighter and more together look. Left glove is knitted in the round, the right glove was the initial design:


I think I am going to write this “manly” fingerless glove pattern in three sizes (S, M and L).

That’s it for this entry… I need to get going writing up the pattern for Tristan’s Scarf and Glove. I also need to get going writing up the pattern for fingerless Glove Sally! This is all a labor of mere passionate knitting love.

Then, I have to get going finishing up my grey top… and besides all this, my head is just exploding with new designs!

Lately, I have been thinking about knitting flowers, clutches, bags and summery little scarfs. Allthough Spring is still several months away, it is already present in my mind. I feel like a thousand little flower buds are about to burst open in my head and many cute little knitting projects will fly off my needles…

Oh the excitement… I LOVE IT.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!



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