Somebody really really very Special


Just the other day, when I, after some time, picked up my grey top again, I received an e-mail from somebody I haven’t seen in a year now. Somebody very special in my life: my younger and only brother Tristan.

When I received his e-mail, I was surrounded by my latest fingerless glove designs and my head was full of future designs and things I wanted to improve and what not. But when Tristan’s e-mail appeared in my inbox, it stopped me in my tracks. And when Tristan ended his e-mail with the words that it was very very cold in Amsterdam, well, I pushed all my projects aside…

I miss my brother dearly and I want to wrap him in some warm love.

As said before, I dropped everything else and am now designing a scarf suitable for my 26 year old brother. Maybe some manly fingerless gloves too..?

For someone special

I am using Misti Alpaca Chunky in colorway M684 Moss Green Melange and hope Tristan will like it. It took my a while to find the right stitch for Tristan’s scarf. I tried a basket weave stitch, a cable stitch a double moss stitch and many others. Just as I was about to give up on this particular yarn, I tried the seed stitch with stockinette stitch in between. I am very satisfied with the way it looks.

Knitting for others is not easy for me…

Very rarely do I knit for other people. This does not mean I never give out knitted items as a gift. Usually I knit an item because I am inspired by some yarn or some pattern, and when the item is finished, a person will come to mind to give it to. I have given out many knitted gifts this way!

But to set out to the yarn shop and actually choose yarn with the purpose to knit an item for another person… oi… not easy. Will the recipient like the yarn I chose for them? Will the recipient like the color I chose for them? Will the recipient like the pattern I chose for them?

I am telling you, all these questions cramp up my style severely and that is what I do not need in knitting and my ‘designing’ proces…

So when I do set out on that journey to knit for another person, well, you had better be somebody really really special to me!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!

4 Responses to Somebody really really very Special

  1. Marianne says:

    The scarf looks great so far ! More cold is coming this way so I’m sure he will enjoy his gift very much !
    Gelukkig Niewujaar Nancy ! Mag het nieuwjaar veel goeds voor jullie brengen !

  2. alpacaluvr says:

    I’m new to knitting so how exactly does this pattern go? Its sooooo beautiful and perfect for my husband. I too have scoured the internet for a pattern for a mens scarf that wasn’t to feminine or just to oridinary. This is just right. Thank you so much. Leslie

  3. […] remember that green moss scarf I designed for my brother Tristan? In my last blog post, you saw Luis wearing the scarf. In this picture, Jade is wearing the same […]

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