Sweet Scents of a Happy Home


“Morrocan Chicken”, my husband replied when I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner on his birthday tomorrow. So off I went to gather all the herbs and spices to make his favorite dish.

A bunch of mint, a bunch of cilantro, lots and lots of garlic, a dash of salt and a dash of pepper all chopped up together and then mixed with gushes and gushes of extra virgin olive oil scent up the kitchen and soon permeates our whole house.

The anticipation of celebrating my husband’s birthday and celebrating that he is home, makes me just want to jump up and down of excitement.

Every now and then he peeks his head into the kitchen and tells me how much he loves the scent of the dish I am preparing… And then I smile, smile, smile!

They say that scent evokes very strong memories… I am sure, that when I am old and grey, the scent of chopped up mint, cilantro, garlic and olive oil, will strongly evoke memories of our happy home.

As for knitting

Scalloped fingerless glove

Knit in front and back, slip slip knits, knit two together. How much repeats for a short glove..? How much repeats for a long glove? Will it suffice for just one ball of yarn? Or do I have to cut out one repeat?

short scalloped glove

Test knitting, test knitting, test knitting. Now don’t forget to write everything down now! Oh boy… How did I do that last repeat on that one..? You see, that is what you get when you don’t write it down!


scallloped long version 2

Now the left hand glove, mirror the pattern, will it work? And how about when I knit this pattern up in another yarn… will it come out nicely?
scalloped long version

Soon… very soon I will write up the pattern and post it…just a couple of more test knits and it will be ready.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


2 Responses to Sweet Scents of a Happy Home

  1. Pixie says:

    The long pink one has the best balance, I think, and the color variations add depth. It’s a fresh design. Nicely done!

  2. Edith van Dijk says:

    Nog Gefeliciteerd met Trevor. Ik hoop dat jullie een leuke dag hebben gehad. Ma zei het nog tegen me en ik dacht ik stuur een berichtje. Het is hier erg koud. Groetjes.

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