Have Faith

Have Faith

For the past few days I have been working my ever so slowly progressing knit 1, purl 1 with full twist rib. My hands were hurting, I was constantly thinking about how slow this stitch was and worst of all, I lost interest in the project.

Then when I finally got past that rib section, I had to knit my second section which was knitting and purling all through the back loop.

Dear reader, I became desolate… my hands were hurting even more and purling through the back loop seemed merely impossible so I let that go.

Even this section was so incredibly slow and then it happened. I lost faith in my project. The gates of doom opened and I started to worry: what have I started? This thing will never ever be finished! And if I do finish, it will probably look like crap!

My thoughts were spiraling down and at one point I really did not enjoy knitting this project anymore…

So… I had to have a little talk with myself. Have faith, I said firmly to myself. Have a little faith that it will come out okay. Negative thoughts will only get in the way of your creativity. Put that aside, lift your mind from it and get on with your work… okay?

Okay, I replied and picked up my work again!

Look at how wonderfully the first 2 section came out… the rib is tight and crips, the horizontal lines of the second section is just what I visualized it to be:

Now I can start with the third section of the body: making the pleads in the middle of the front and back part. These pleads are made by increasing using the KFB technique: knit in front and back of several stitches.

Now comes the question: how much stitches to increase? How to figure that out?

First I determine the exact middle of back and front of my work and mark it (little bird marker). Then I put markers on 2 times 10 stitches on either side.


The increases will occur within these markers. Within the green markers I will increase every stitch. In the area outside the green markers, towards the orange markers I will increase every other stitch.

I did not make some difficult calculation, I am just winging it and hope for the best.

At the same time of the increases, I will make decreases on the sides every 4th row.

Now fingers crossed!


Sometimes a project is a bit difficult and not so enjoyable… pair this with negative thoughts and you want to drop everything.

Two things you can do: follow the negativity, or put it aside and trust that you will make something beautiful. When thoughts are spiraling down, know that you can stop it. Bring it to a halt, lift your mind, and let the creativity flow.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


One Response to Have Faith

  1. missfossey says:

    despite the trouble with the pleating… that neckline is amazing!

    i knit… but i stick to scarves…simple ones. 🙂
    i tend to get obsessed with crafts.
    (avoid beading, it will steal your life)

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