Somebody really really very Special

December 30, 2007


Just the other day, when I, after some time, picked up my grey top again, I received an e-mail from somebody I haven’t seen in a year now. Somebody very special in my life: my younger and only brother Tristan.

When I received his e-mail, I was surrounded by my latest fingerless glove designs and my head was full of future designs and things I wanted to improve and what not. But when Tristan’s e-mail appeared in my inbox, it stopped me in my tracks. And when Tristan ended his e-mail with the words that it was very very cold in Amsterdam, well, I pushed all my projects aside…

I miss my brother dearly and I want to wrap him in some warm love.

As said before, I dropped everything else and am now designing a scarf suitable for my 26 year old brother. Maybe some manly fingerless gloves too..?

For someone special

I am using Misti Alpaca Chunky in colorway M684 Moss Green Melange and hope Tristan will like it. It took my a while to find the right stitch for Tristan’s scarf. I tried a basket weave stitch, a cable stitch a double moss stitch and many others. Just as I was about to give up on this particular yarn, I tried the seed stitch with stockinette stitch in between. I am very satisfied with the way it looks.

Knitting for others is not easy for me…

Very rarely do I knit for other people. This does not mean I never give out knitted items as a gift. Usually I knit an item because I am inspired by some yarn or some pattern, and when the item is finished, a person will come to mind to give it to. I have given out many knitted gifts this way!

But to set out to the yarn shop and actually choose yarn with the purpose to knit an item for another person… oi… not easy. Will the recipient like the yarn I chose for them? Will the recipient like the color I chose for them? Will the recipient like the pattern I chose for them?

I am telling you, all these questions cramp up my style severely and that is what I do not need in knitting and my ‘designing’ proces…

So when I do set out on that journey to knit for another person, well, you had better be somebody really really special to me!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


The Best Christmas Gift

December 25, 2007
Frosty the Snowman

The turkey is roasting in the oven, the house is filled with happy energy, my husband and I are together… what more could I possibly wish for?

I am happy on this day… So very happy…

Happy happy Holidays, everybody, may it be filled with love and happiness!

(Are you here for Fingerless Glove Adrienne? It is the post just below this one, so just scroll down.)

Free Pattern: Long Fingerless Glove “Adrienne”

December 18, 2007


I was planning on writing a pdf.file for the pattern and to make some nice photographs on these long scalloped gloves but alas, I am running out of time.

Several people have been asking me to please please post the pattern soon because it would make such a nice Christmas gift.

Pdf.file will follow soon, for now you will have to do with this posting, aight?

Long Fingerless Glove “Adrienne”

scallloped long version 2

This long fingerless glove is named after a beautiful and tall woman called Adrienne, who happens to be my friend!

First I will give you sort of a picture tutorial and the entire pattern is written out further down this page.

In this pattern you need to know how to increase by knitting in front and back of a stitch (kfb). You also need to know the slip slip knit decrease (ssk) and the knit two together decrease (k2tog).


If you do not know how to do this please go to and watch Amy Finlay’s video tutorials on Kfb, ssk and k2tog.

This pattern contains a 8 row repeat stitch which give you 7 scalloped purl ridges. The front side of the glove is scalloped, the back side contains simply stockinette stitch.

The first and last stitch are always knit in stockinette stitch which will make your life easier when you seam later on.


After you are done with the knitting part you will have to seam the glove, using the mattrass stitch technique. If you don’t know how to seam, go to and watch Amy Finlay’s excellent video tutorial on the mattress stitch. Scroll down her page untill you hit the “finishing” section and click on the mattress stitch!

Start Seaming down from the top for about 2.5 inches:


Then start seaming up from the bottom for about 8 inches untill you have a thumb opening left of about 1.25 – 1.50 inches:

Adrienne4 Adrienne5 Adrienne6 Adrienne7

Turn the glove inside out and weave in the ends.

In the end you should have a nice and neat seam:

And if all went well, your glove should look something like this:
Adrienne10 Adrienne11

I particularly like the scallop right on top of the glove. It is almost as if it “protects” your fingers by wrapping it in the scallop! And it looks so feminine on!

And now for the pattern!

Again, the pdf will follow shortly, for now you will have to do with this:

Yarn: Manos Silk Blend, dk weight, 150 yards. Any dk yarn will do as long as you have about 140-150 yards of yarn.

Needle Size 7 or size to obtain gauge! I am a very tight knitter so you might want to consider a different needle size!
Darning needle for seaming.

4.5 st and 6 rows in = 1” in St st
Be sure to check your gauge, okay?

Size: Length: approx. 12”
Width (when not seamed): approx. 6.5”

This pattern is knitted flat from the top down. The first and last stitch are always knit in stockinette stitch to make your life easier when you need to seam.

NOTE: The SSK in this pattern is done as follows: Slip knitwise, Slip knitwise , and then knit both stitches together into the back loops.


Cast on 36 stitches and make sure you have a 10 inch tail for seaming.

Step 1: The top part
1) RS: Knit 25, (k1, p1) untill the last stitch, now knit that last stitch.
2) WS: Purl 1, (k1, p1) 5x, knit 24, purl 1.
3) Repeat Row 1
4) Repeat Row 2
5) knit 1, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, knit 11.
6) Purl all stitches

Step 2: The actual pattern

7) Knit all stitches
8 ) Purl all stitches
9) Knit 1, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, knit 11
10) Purl 11, Knit 24, Purl1

11) Knit all stitches
12) Purl all stitches
13) Knit 1, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, knit 11
14) Purl

Now Repeat row 7 to row 14 another for another 6 times! In the end you should have 7 purl ridges in your pattern.

Step 3: Last part of the glove and ribbing

15) Knit all stitches
16) Purl all stitches
17) Knit 1, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, knit 11
18) Purl all stitches
19) K1, P1 ribbing accross.
Repeat row 19 for 5 times more.
Bind off loosely in ribbing pattern. Leave an 18 inch tail.

Now seam your glove!


Cast on 36 stitches and make sure you have a 10 inch tail for seaming.

Step 1: The top part

1) RS: (knit 1, purl 1) 5x, knit 1, knit 25
2) WS: p1, k24, p1, (k1, p1)5x
3) Repeat row 1
4) Repeat row 2
5) K11, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, k1
6) Purl all stitches

Step 2: The actual pattern

7) Knit all stitches
8 ) Purl all stitches
9) K11, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, k1
10) P1, k24, p11

11) Knit all stitches
12) Purl all stitches
13) K11, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, k1
14) Purl all stitches

Now Repeat row 7 to row 14 for another 6 times! In the end you should have 7 purl ridges in your pattern.

Step 3: Last part of the glove and ribbing

15) Knit all stitches
16) Purl all stitches
17) K11, (kfb)4x, (ssk)4x, (k2tog)4x, (kfb)4x, k1
18) Purl
19) K1, P1 ribbing accross.
Repeat row 19 for 5 times more.
Bind off loosely in ribbing pattern. Leave an 18 inch tail.

Now seam your glove!

Enjoy knitting this glove and enjoy wearing it!

Thank you for reading and untill the next entry…

I know I shouldn’t have…

December 16, 2007


I know I shouldn’t have… While I needed to work on some more testknitting on the scalloped gloves, and while my grey top is just screaming for attention, I casted on a new project… but didn’t it turn out just as cute as a button?


The Suri Merino from Blue Sky Alpacas, appealed so much to me that I just couldn’t resist! As soon as I saw and felt this yarn, my mouth started watering. A moss stitch came to mind, and when I bumped into one of my long lost buttons when I was organizing my yarnroom, I just knew what to design.


This is only the initial design. I need to make some changes untill I am a 100% satisfied. I just had to share.

And now… back to testknitting the scalloped glove!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!

Sweet Scents of a Happy Home

December 14, 2007


“Morrocan Chicken”, my husband replied when I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner on his birthday tomorrow. So off I went to gather all the herbs and spices to make his favorite dish.

A bunch of mint, a bunch of cilantro, lots and lots of garlic, a dash of salt and a dash of pepper all chopped up together and then mixed with gushes and gushes of extra virgin olive oil scent up the kitchen and soon permeates our whole house.

The anticipation of celebrating my husband’s birthday and celebrating that he is home, makes me just want to jump up and down of excitement.

Every now and then he peeks his head into the kitchen and tells me how much he loves the scent of the dish I am preparing… And then I smile, smile, smile!

They say that scent evokes very strong memories… I am sure, that when I am old and grey, the scent of chopped up mint, cilantro, garlic and olive oil, will strongly evoke memories of our happy home.

As for knitting

Scalloped fingerless glove

Knit in front and back, slip slip knits, knit two together. How much repeats for a short glove..? How much repeats for a long glove? Will it suffice for just one ball of yarn? Or do I have to cut out one repeat?

short scalloped glove

Test knitting, test knitting, test knitting. Now don’t forget to write everything down now! Oh boy… How did I do that last repeat on that one..? You see, that is what you get when you don’t write it down!


scallloped long version 2

Now the left hand glove, mirror the pattern, will it work? And how about when I knit this pattern up in another yarn… will it come out nicely?
scalloped long version

Soon… very soon I will write up the pattern and post it…just a couple of more test knits and it will be ready.

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!

Manos Silk Blend and other goodies!

December 10, 2007

Manos silk blend

After my misfortunate Too-Much-Pleads-Freaking-Looks like a Pregnancy-Top adventure, I kind of felt bummed out… what better way to cheer myself up with some new yarn: Manos Silk Blend…

More of that later, first some other Inspirational Goodies!

Inspirational Goodies

Don’t you just LOVE to get some crafts supplies?Ooooh, I always feel like a little kid whenever I get some of those goodies!

Today, I went with some friends to a quiltshop in Multnomah Village to get the most beautiful buttons and some fabric. Do I have a project in mind for it? Of course not, but I am sure I will in the near future! We all know that feeling don’t we?

These large buttons make my heart beat faster… I grabbed the last two available at the shop:


And this beautiful Japanese fabric with Dogwood print…sigh… LOVE it!

Dogwood Japanese Fabric

After the quiltshop, we went to an Antique Market and I found these gorgeous vintage sewing patterns.

Vintage Patterns1

Can I sew? No, but they are a wonderful inspiration for knitwear design. I just love love love the schematics given and would very much like to see that with all knitted patterns.

The femininity in these patterns just rock my world:

Vintage Patterns 2 Vintage Patterns4

And look at these ever so elegant necklines. You know I am going to design a top with a neckline like that!
Vintage Patterns3

And this wonderful low cowl neckline with cute button(right model)…sigh… wouldn’t that make a beautiful sweater or coat?
Vintage Patterns5

I am telling you, I am so inspired!

Manos Silk Blend

feather and fan fingerless glove

First of all, thank you all so much for giving me advice on my top! I really appreciate that and it encourages me to go on and not to give up…

I did have to step away from the project this week though. You see, if I don’t finish something in more than 3 weeks, this knitter gets anxious. And besides that, I needed to cheer myself up and what better way to do that with some new yarn: Manos silk blend.

I was thrilled when Manos silk blend arrived at Sally’s shop Close Knit and immediately purchased three colorways to play with: bleu dark grey, light grey with soft pink and finally variegated purple.

I wanted a a mindless project so I chose to play around with the feather and fan stitch.

The feather and fan stitch is one of may favorite lace stitches and you can make so many variations. Usually, it is given in a 18 repeat stitch pattern but I fooled around a bit and used 24 repeat pattern:
24 st repeat feather and fan

And this variation is with a 30 repeat pattern with extra stockinette rows in between:
30 st repeat feather and fan

And finally, I used a variation in which I omit the yarn overs and replace them with Kfb increases:
Purple variegated

In the end I finished two scarves. I blended the bleu dark grey Manos with a dark grey Kidsilk Night, and the light grey with pink Manos got blended with a light grey Kidsilk Night. The Kidsilk Night has ever so subtle sparkles!
manos silk blend and kidsilk night

Playing around with the feather and fan stitch and the luscious Manos Silk Blend put me in a better mood and inspired me to design a new fingerless glove:
Feather and fan fingerless glove2

It’s cute, I am happy with it. As soon as I am completely satisfied, I will write up the pattern and issue it for free!

Well, it is time to pick up my top again. I will work on it in the next few days and see what will happen.

Thank you so much for your readership! I really appreciate it..

Untill the next entry!


December 5, 2007

Too much pleads

Sigh… methinks I increased a tad too many for my center pleads! It is absolutely not to my liking.

What..? You think it looks okay? It looks not too bad? You have got to be kidding me:


Ugh… thumbs down on this one!

Rip, rip, rip it goes!

Rip rip rip

Eh… what can I say? It’s a learning curve for sure…

Now if you all will excuse me… I think I am going to pour myself a glass of w(h)ine.